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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nothing Surprises Me Anymore! 2006 Review!

Folks, we just get weirder and weirder and no one so much as blinks!
2006 might not go down as the most newsy year in history, but it sure had it's share of strange stuff!

An interactive exhibit at the Ontario College of Art and Design is allowed to serve pasteurized breast milk for taste-testing purposes - six flavours from six donor moms!

Immigration officials go to a grade school and threaten to take away two young sisters if their illegal immigrant parents don't turn themselves in within 30 minutes.

A man who was involved in an international steroid trafficking ring, and admitted to helping a friend burn and dispose of a murder victim's body, is reinstated as the swim coach at an Oakville athletic club!

A Toronto school principal is charged with two counts of assault after "allegedly" tossing shit at children! (Honest!)

A California man attempting to join his family in Burlington for Christmas is stopped by customs and charged with trying to smuggle child pronography into the country on his cell phone. It was a picture of his naked 4 month old son.

Given a choice between jail and exile to Canada, an American man convicted of having sex with a minor, (his under-age girlfriend) chose Fort Erie, Ontario.
(Fort Erie? He should have chosen jail!)

Over 150 of 800 delegates to the International AIDS Conference in Toronto stay behing after it's over and claim refugee status.

And finally;
Toronto paralegal Harry Kopyto was ejected from court after a Justice of the Peace complained his jacket clashed with his shirt and he was in breach of court decorum!
Tomorrow we will look at my fearless predictions for 2007!

Your "mystic" scribe;
Allan W Jansen

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