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Friday, June 29, 2007

Human Zoo!

They are conducting an experiment in Adelaide, Australia that sounds like a rather interesting new way to keep animals in captivity!

Authorities are opening a new zoo and before they do, there is a study underway to determine the most humane and stress free way to house the animals. To do this properly they are going to do a study with humans first.
A group of people will be put in the enclosures and left there for a few days while visitors come just like they normally would and look at them.

After a few days, or even weeks, another study group will be subjected to the same thing while the old group is questioned on improvements or changes that have to be made to ensure the animals will live a stress free life while in captivity.

(This is such a far cry from the old days where animals were just put in a cage and left there until they died.)

Zoo Director Dr. Emile Huk-Huk, in an interview at the start of the study, explained that thinking has changed about keeping different species in captivity and the welfare of the Zoo's "Guests" is of the utmost importance, hence the need for study!

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