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Sunday, March 23, 2008

A voice of reason and sanity!

Guest Post by Kat Curtis;

Well, AT LAST, a reasonable human being who can put things into "Perspective."

I am always reading things that are written by people who live in philosophical boxes and who are seemingly unaware of that fact while they opine heavily about what's "True" and what is not, most of what they say has more to do with how they'd like to be The Ones In The Know, the standard bearers, than with whether what they're spouting has any merit as a reflection of actuality.

Egotistical extremism, Proud To Be In The Box thinking, is probably the greatest element behind the disappointing displays by people throughout our motley history as a species on this planet.

Wherever there are individual failures to live up to even the basic rules of civility or there are massive conflagrations of hostility perpetrated in the name of Me First-ism, it's always some manufactured, lame, self-serving philosophical support offered as the banner these fools march behind.

Putting a deity on the banner (doesn't much matter which one) make it all seem so much more twistedly valid, relieving the marchers of the stain of having no good reason for doing what they're doing, which is putting themselves at the center of everything and pushing everyone else out to the edges.

If you start doing any real investigation into pre-adolescent psychology, this is how it plays out with little kids who have yet to develop mature thinking skills.

The self-righteous group mentality of aggression is also self-perpetuating because the individuals see their compatriots behaving as abysmally as themselves, making it appear to be an OK thing to continue.

"WE" are doing this (whatever "this" is) because "WE" determined we had the right to do it and because "WE" know that "OUR DEITY" has pre-ordained it to be the proper course of action. WE WE WE, me me me. This is a dumb box to be in, when you think about it objectively.

I appreciate your understanding of the issue of a higher spiritual power and how that is interpreted and embodied, as understood by those who really, for all intents and purposes, are largely incapable of grasping what they're so hungry to have be the Truth.

The question in the back of most of our minds, whether we admit it or not, is not whether there is a "God" (of any description or name) to be there to hold our hand in the dark times we face, but is more likely to be "Who Am I and Why Am I Here?" (Wherever Here is.)

Looking below the surface of most of humankind's unresolved hostility and it's enactment against the neighbors reveals a lack of understanding of this very basic information, identity.

Identity seems to be one of the banners people want to march behind, whether it is racial (the surface features are easy to see and therefore an easy target to conflict over if one is in the mood to insist on conflict over something) or it's economic (an empty belly is less complacent than a full one) or even if it's philosophical. (The ME ME ME aspect of human psychology played out at is most unnecessarily complex)

What many folks do is elevate their decision to misbehave by associating themselves with the Deity of their choice, thereby putting themselves on said Banner under which they march, making themselves over in their god's image into something other than the vaingloriously obnoxious, scruffy rabble they actually are.

If their deity stands for things they themselves would like to perpetrate, then so much the better, which is why there are so many names and definitions of deities floating through the social strata of societies worldwide.

Nobody seems to notice (it would be inconvenient to do so) that having more than one "God" makes them all logically invalid.

Semantics is very disturbing at times.

But having a designer deity is the fashion these days and all the days previous to this and so people prefer to get excited by what they determine to be The Cosmic Rationale for their very un-spiritual behaviors.

Allan, say what you can, do what you can, to remind folks they've still got some maturation to do in their efforts to graduate from The Box.

Whatever progress you've helped them make is all to our good.

I appreciate your efforts.

I've made it my life's work just to be aware of Boxes and their effects and to avoid them whenever possible.

It's not probable that I will ever know a world without them in my lifetime, but life has a way of working these things out over the long stretch.

There's a reason we, as humans, are called the Hand of God.

God being God, having no names or edges or simple definitions, works through these rudimentary hearts and minds to create effects and needs us as Hands to do the manual labor of building.

We build for better or worse but we do build.

That is our Identity.

If we were all to understand that, really understand that, then the reasoning for the hostility clouding our thinking would lose it's place in our actions and maybe then we'd actually start to feel valid without doing harm.

Freedom means living without Boxes, a heavy responsibility and a delicate operation to perform.

God lives in in total freedom. Do we not want to emulate that which we profess to revere?

Maybe, when we're wiser.

It's a long march to maturity, isn't it?

Kat (Who likes dogs.) Curtis
Well, there you have it. A little ponderouse and heavy at times, but all in all he tells it like he sees it!

Your humble scribe;
Allan W Janssen

Allan W Janssen is the author of the book The Plain Truth About God (What the mainstream religions don't want you to know!) and is available at the web site www.God-101.com

Visit the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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