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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How to get royally screwed over!

I sell energy savings plans to large commercial accounts so I am on the road a lot. A couple of years ago, through much diligence and hard work, I managed to get enough speeding etc. tickets on my drivers license to lose it for 3 months.

(One thing I have to tell you about not having a license is that it sure teaches you how to drive carefully so as not to get stopped for stupid stuff.)

Be that as it may I had to go through the whole process of getting a new license, right from the written test to driving test and the whole kaboodle when the three months was over.

First the written and driving test came to 150 bucks but then they wanted another $85- bucks for a highway test! Since the difference was negligible (G-1 vs. G) I said the hell with giving them another eighty five bucks and just drove like that.

A couple of months ago I bumped a guys car in the corner grocery store parking lot and this asshole insisted on putting it through insurance even though there was only a 2 inch scratch in the paint on his rear plastic bumper cover.

(I owned a body shop for twenty years and new exactly what was involved in fixing his car so I offered him a couple of hundred bucks for his trouble but he insisted on going through the insurance and there wasn't much I could do about it.)

A few weeks later the insurance company phones me and says that since I only had a G-2 license (learners) and not a full "G" class they were going to classify me as a high risk driver and charge me an extra $300 dollars a month for the next three years.

I was quick to get on the phone and ask them how they could justify over ten thousand dollars in increased premiums over the next three years for a two hundred dollar claim and since I didn't get a satisfactory answer..... we are now going to court!

I thought I had better get my "general" license before any of this hit the courts so I phoned the driver examination and testing center to set up an appointment for my highway test.

Needless to say, I got an automated answering service that informed me that this new system was designed to simplify and speed up service, so would I just push #1 ..... and then #3..... and then #1 again.

On the second #1 I heard a beep and a canned voice came on and said; "We are sorry but that function is not possible....... thank you for phoning!"

Next thing I know I'm back to a dial tone again and I don't even know so much as what the phone # was of the machine that I was talking to. (I was driving and had to phone information and be automatically connected.)

In other words, back to square one!

I don't know ............. if his keeps up I just might start taking the bus!

Your "get the hell off the road or learn how to drive, asshole" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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