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Saturday, May 12, 2007

100 most influential people of 2006

Time magazine just released a list of the 100 most influential people of 2006 based on world-wide surveys.

Now call me stupid, or just out of the loop, but a lot of these people I never heard of and others sure don't deserve to be on this list, but what the hell do I know!!

The full list

Artists and Entertainers

Tina Fey - television writer, producer and actress

Youssou N'Dour - musician

Anna Netrebko - soprano opera singer

Justin Timberlake - pop singer

Sacha Baron Cohen - comic actor and writer

Leonardo DiCaprio - actor

Nora Roberts - romance writer

Rick Rubin - music producer

Martin Scorsese - film director

Cate Blanchett - actress

Alber Elbaz - fashion designer

America Ferrera - actress

Simon Fuller - music manager and television presenter

Brian Grazer - producer

John Mayer - musician

David Mitchell - writer

Kate Moss - model

Rosie O'Donnell - actress

Brad Pitt - actor

Shonda Rhimes - screenwriter

Kara Walker - artist

Brian Williams - news anchor

Leaders and Revolutionaries

Queen Elizabeth II

Tzipi Livni - foreign minister and vice president Israel

Peter Akinola - Nigerian archbishop

Liu Qi - Beijing Communist Party secretary

Condoleezza Rice - US Secretary of State

Omar Hassan al-Bashir - leader of Sudan

John Roberts - US chief justice

Sonia Gandhi - leader of Indian Congress party

Raul Castro - defence minister of Cuba

Arnold Schwarzenegger - California governor

David Petraeus - US general

Hillary Clinton - 2008 US presidential candidate

Hu Jintao - President of China

Nancy Pelosi - US speaker of the house

King Abdullah - King of Saudi Arabia

Barack Obama - 2008 US presidential candidate

Michael Bloomburg - businessman

Ayutollah Ali Khamenei - supreme leader of Iran

Pope Benedict XVI - leader of the Catholic Church

Angela Merkel - German chancellor

Osama bin Laden - Saudi terrorist

Heroes and Pioneers

Oprah Winfrey - television presenter

Elizabeth Edwards - attorney and wife of US 2008 presidential candidate

Warren Buffett - businessman

Drew Gilpin Faust - Harvard president

Wesley Autrey - subway hero

Tony Dungy - American football coach

Roger Federer - tennis player

Tyra Banks - model and television presenter

Youk Chhang - director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia

George Clooney - actor

Michael J Fox - actor

Timothy Gittins - army officer

Judith Mackay - doctor

Chien-Ming Wang - baseball player

Maher Arar - software engineer (wrongly accused of terrorism)

Thierry Henry - soccer player

Zeng Jinyan - blogger

Garry Kasparov - chess player and politician

Amr Khaled - accountant and website owner

Scientists and Thinkers

Al Gore - former US vice president and climate change champion

Neil deGrasse Tyson - astrophysicist and author

J Craig Venter - geneticist

Lisa Randall - theoretical physicist

John Mather - astrophysicist and Nobel Prize winner

Elizabeth Blackburn - biologist

Alan Stern - director of Nasa Science Mission Directorate

Tullis Onstott - geophysicist

Svante Pääbo - evolutionary geneticist

Steven Nissen - heart specialist

Richard Dawkins - evolutionary biologist

Chris Anderson - physicist

Paul Allen - co-founder of Microsoft

Monty Jones - developmental plant breeder

Klaus Schwab - founder of World Economic Forum in Davos

Nora Volkow - director of US National Institute of Drug Abuse

Frans de Waal - psychologist, primatologist and ethologist

Douglas Melton - stem cell researcher

Kari Stefansson - neurologist

Builders and Titans

Richard Branson - entrepreneur

Cyril Ramaphosa - union leader

Erik Lie - business analyst

Pony Ma - internet guru

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen - founders of YouTube

Katsuaki Watanabe - environmental car designer

Bernard Arnault - chairman of Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

Clara Furse - CEO of London Stock Exchange

Ken Lewis - CEO of Bank of America

Lakshmi Mittal - CEO of Arcelor Mittal

Shigeru Miyam - video game designer

Rhonda Byrne - author of self-help books

Steven Cohen - businessman

Steve Jobs - director of Apple

Philip Rosedale - creator of Second Life

Ho Ching - CEO of Temasek

Indra Nooyi - CEO of PepsiCo

Stephen Schwarzman - CEO Blackstone Group

Michael Moritz - internet entrepreneur

Pepe la Pew - cartoon character

Take it for what it's worth, but that's the list, good or bad!

Your humble servant;
Allan W Janssen

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