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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Church of Allan. Reflections on the Human Condition!

A serialization of the Book; The Plain Truth About God! @2002

Humanity is on an incredible journey of which we are only now slowly becoming aware.

Whether our universe has been around for seven thousand or more than ten billion years is not relevant to this journey, this book, or people in general.

Let me explain; the common thinking now is that our universe is some ten to fifteen billion years old, with the most likely figure somewhere around thirteen and a half billion.

Meanwhile, the thought, (sorry, the belief) among some North American Fundamentalist Christians is that we are some seven thousand years on this planet and no more!

Although this line of thinking is patently absurd, it really has nothing to do with the basic reason we are here. Or, why so many people devote so much of their time to wondering about it.

It is the mere fact that we can, and do wonder about it, that sets us apart from all the other creatures of this planet.

As far as we know, not even the great apes, dolphins, whales, dogs, cats, or any other living thing has ever given even the slightest thought to our reason for being!

** You will never hear fido say to you, “What’s it all about - Alfie?”

People, on the other hand, spend an inordinate amount of time and effort on the question of purpose. So much so, that it seems to influence almost every aspect of not only our lives, but also everything around us.

It is a feeling everyone has felt at some time or other, to a greater or lesser degree. These are but small examples of the Divine spirit of God that is within us all.

There are many grand and spectacular wonders to be seen no matter where we look.

Nevertheless, it is the quiet affirmation of a loving God, and that sense of peace and tranquility, that is a constant reminder that we are not alone!

After all is said and done, the crux of the matter is that we do not want to be alone with the knowledge of our own mortality.

There is a basic human belief that is a common denominator among every culture and group on this planet. It is a sense that in a universe this grand, and even overpowering, there is a purpose to it all. We cannot imagine that we are here by random chance or luck and that our existence is dependant upon a simple roll of the dice!

**”God not only plays dice with the universe, He sometimes throws the dice where they cannot be seen.” - Steven Hawking

When viewed from space our planet is in stark contrast with everything else we have so far observed. Yes, we are minuscule in comparison to the rest of the universe, and no, we are not at the physical centre of things as was once believed.

We are however, central to creation in a very special way.

We, alone as human beings, are able to look out at the rest of creation and reflect upon it.

Whether anyone else on some other planet is in the position to observe and reflect upon this majestic universe is unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

Sure, it would make it a little less lonely if there were other intelligences' out there, but the mere fact that our planet Terra is a harbor of self-awareness makes us a very rare and precious jewel in the vast empty reaches of the universe.

** “I AM.” – GOD”
**” I Think, Therefore I am.” -Descartes
**” I yam what I yam, and that’s all what I yam.” – PopeyeAll the different worlds we have studied seem bereft of life. Terra, on the other hand, is recognized as something quite different and out of the ordinary, no matter from what distance it is viewed from.

Terra, through incredible luck or Divine intervention, is not only just the right distance from the Sun, but has an amazing list of fortunate events that led up to our development. It is beyond imagination, let alone comprehension. It is a list far too long to have happened merely by chance.

Does this mean that we are unique in the universe? No! We are however, certainly so rare that when life does occur, it is to be cherished and celebrated.

There is a feeling of purpose that seems to pervade all of creation.

It is a feeling of connection felt by everyone who has ever lived. It is a feeling that will continue to carry us down through the ages and is a need that is inherent in all of humanity. It is the basis of all our religious beliefs and superstitions.

Since our ancestors first huddled together around a fire so many hundreds of thousands of years ago, we collectively tried to protect ourselves against the dangers and terrors of the world.

Then, with the advent of a rudimentary language, blind acceptance of our lot in life gradually gave way to questioning the meaning to all of the suffering that fell upon us. With the gift of awareness however, also came the curse of knowledge.

The knowledge of our own fate!

By taking the responsibility for life’s hardships from our own shoulders and putting it onto some Higher Power, Humanity’s misfortunes became easier to accept. “It’s not our fault,” became the haunting cry of humanity as it echoed down through the millennia!

The concept of a Supreme Being, whose pleasure / displeasure could influence how life treated us, was a thought that gradually evolved over time. When we had a feeling that we were being punished for some presumed misdeed, like a small child that was being admonished, we could make it right again with the proper thought or attitude!

If this great God, or many gods for that matter, could be appeased, then it put us into a position where we finally had some measure of control over the worst that life could throw at us.

Sure life was tough. Our fate hinged on the whim of a Deity we could never really know or understand. But, if we followed some simple rules and kept our nose clean, then we would at least have some hope that the human condition would eventually improve. If not in this life, then certainly in the next!

Naturally, our lot in life usually stayed the same, or if anything got even worse! In the natural order of things, events always seemed to go from bad to worse.

If, despite the constant homage and sacrifices made to the Great Spirits, things did not improve, then a crisis of confidence would develop.

This meant some other means of comfort was required and this is where early humans developed one of the most remarkable and insightful theories about how the world works.

By showing how well we could suffer and still carry on, we showed the gods our courage, tenacity, --- and above all, our Faith!

Everyone soon realized that our willingness to suffer for a higher cause was all that was required of us to gain the promise of reward at some time in the future.

“Voila,” the afterlife was born.

Allan W Janssen is the author of the book The Plain Truth About God (What the mainstream religions don't want you to know!) and is available at the web site www.God-101.com

Visit the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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