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Saturday, April 05, 2008

If ya do, ya do, if ya don't , ya don't! (Yabba dabba do!)

I got a letter from Ed (who seems a nice enough guy) and he said he would like to be added to my friends list which I am honoured to do.

Ed has one caveat though, and that is that he smokes pot and hopes I don't mind.

Ed............. I grew up in the sixties and I don't think there is a drug known that I haven't tried except crack and that's only because there was none then. I stopped taking drugs in my early twenties and now only have a problem with booze and those assholes that keep trying to give me drugs on the Internet.

(I had to give up on the booze because of alergies. Everytime I went on a binge I broke out in "cops!")

P.S. I will no longer allow ratings on this blog because of that crazy woman who keeps giving me "1's" on everything I do, and mostly because these shouldn't be rated anyways. You either like em' or ya don't! If you do, please stick around and if you don't then ................!

Your humble scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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