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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weedless Wednesday and other foibles!

Here's a guy that had his weed confiscated for being high and/or stupid!

A New Zealand man had a novel idea when he found himself in a queue at a service station counter with no money, could he pay with marijuana instead?

Unfortunately he didn't get a chance to discover whether the attendant would accept his offer, as the person behind him in the queue was a police officer, the Dominion Post newspaper reported.

The man's attempt to buy two packets of M&Ms and a packet of potato chips to satisfy his "munchies" was caught short when he was arrested.

He must have been hungry, as he failed to notice the police patrol car sitting on the station forecourt being filled with petrol, the paper reported.

The 28-year old mechanic from the small North Island town of Carterton pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis in the Masterton District Court and was remanded for sentencing.


Seems that Americans aren't the only ones who are quick to call a lawyer is they see a chance to make a buck!

A Muslim husband threatened to sue an all-female driving school in England after discovering that his wife’s driving instructor used to be a man.

Joanne Dixon, owner of the Laugh n Pass driving school which operates throughout Yorkshire, says the man telephoned to complain after his wife’s first lesson with 42-year-old Emma Sherdley – formerly a married father of two called Andrew but now legally a woman.

Mrs Dixon said that the man asked her to send a “proper woman” instructor and, later, she received a further call asking for compensation and threatening to sue, saying that she “should have known” not to send Miss Sherdley.

Mrs Dixon, who set up Laugh n Pass with all-female teachers 10 years ago, designed to put women learners at their ease, said: “Emma is a popular and very well-respected instructor. What difference should it make that his wife is Muslim?

“He said his wife had been out with a male and I said, No, she’s been with a female. Then he said, ‘Just send a proper female.’

“In my eyes we’ve done nothing wrong.”

Instructor Miss Sherdley has a birth certificate and a “gender recognition certificate” to prove her legal status as a woman, although she is still waiting for final surgery to make her transition from male to female physically complete.

She says that none of her other pupils has had a problem with her sex change and she found the man’s complaints “hurtful, offensive and deeply upsetting.”


Astronomers have found some matter that had been missing in deep space and say it is strung along web-like filaments that form the backbone of the universe.

The ethereal strands of hydrogen and oxygen atoms could account for up to half the matter that scientists knew must be there but simply could not see, the researchers reported on Tuesday.

Scientists have long known there is far more matter in the universe than can be accounted for by visible galaxies and stars. Not only is there invisible baryonic matter -- the protons and neutrons that make up atoms -- but there also is an even larger amount of invisible "dark" matter.

Now about half of the missing baryonic matter has turned up, seen by the orbiting Hubble space telescope and NASA's Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer, or FUSE.

"We think we are seeing the strands of a web-like structure that forms the backbone of the universe," said Mike Shull of the University of Colorado, who helped lead the study published in The Astrophysical Journal.

The matter is spread as superheated oxygen and hydrogen in what looked like vast empty spaces between galaxies.

The Persective Research Department, after much effort and investigation, also found a lot of additional missing matter in our back yard behind the shed!


Now it's the "Perspective" quiz time! Which one of these things is not like the other: Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse … Hugh Hefner?

A U.K. priest perusing the shelves at his local stationery store was shocked to find Playboy items positioned close to those of the popular Disney characters, the Daily Mail newspaper reported.

The Rev. Tim Jones, 40, has since launched a protest against what he calls the sex industry’s "institutional grooming of children for their commercial exploitation," he told the paper.

It worked.

Since he began his one-man protest at the Stationery Box in York, the store has stopped selling the merchandise.

"The long-term intention of their strategy is to encourage children to see the Playboy bunny as a friendly brand appropriate for children, preparing them for early commercial acceptance of Playboy pornographic merchandise,” said Jones, who, with the blessing of the store’s manager, began throwing the Playboy items on the floor to separate them from the children’s paper, the Mail reported.
In response to the uproar, a Playboy spokesman said the incident will be investigated.

"Playboy's target audience is 18- to 34-year-olds so we clearly did not authorize or approve the placement of our product next to such well-known children's characters,” the spokesman told the paper.
"Winnie The Poo" could not be reached for comment!

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