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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Grand Canyon Store Selling Creationist Bullshit!!

There's an "official" book for sale at the Grand Canyon National Park claiming that the canyon was the result of Noah's Flood!

According to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), park superintendent Joe Alston in 2003 lobbied to keep the book, titled Grand Canyon: A Different View, by Tom Vail, out of the park's bookstores; the National Park Service responded by promising a "high-level policy review" of the matter. PEER claims that three years later, a Freedom of Information Act request shows that the review wasn't even "requested," let alone conducted or completed!This is what Noah's flood is supposed to have done 5000 years ago!

Grand Canyon: A Different View, by Tom Vail, is a controversial book that offers the Creationist explanation of the Grand Canyon's formation, namely God's world-convulsing judgment at the time of the Global Flood.

The presidents of seven leading scientific societies issued a joint letter to the National Parks Administration calling for the book's removal from National Park bookstores, claiming it to be "at odds with the well-documented scientific understanding of Earth history" and arguing that the book's presence violated the U.S. Constitution.

So far it has fallen on deaf ears, just a scientific "Evolution" has fallen on deaf right-wing Christian ears!

Your "what will they come up with next" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

I have been looking into this Darwinist / Creationist bullshit for quite a few years now and it never ceases to amaze me at how stupid and myopic these Creationists can be! Wanna buy a duck?

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Blogger Buffalo said...

We spent several days at the Grand Canyon this summer while on the Ride-A-Bout. How anyone can look at the world's worst case of erosion and think it is the result of an upheaval and short-sighted Noah's floos is beyond me.

Saturday, December 30, 2006 4:39:00 p.m.  

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