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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Need a ride, big boy?

For sale, low mileage, one owner sports car!

K.I.T.T., the tricked-out Trans Am that David Hasslehoff drove in Knight Rider, is for sale at Kassabian Motors in Dublin, California.

Asking price is $149,995.

Apparently, this is one of four "picture" or "hero" cars used in the show.

From the Sydney Morning herald.

Although it cannot achieve the 300 M.P.H. speeds that KITT reached, soar 50 feet in the air or throw smoke bombs, key features of the star car are intact.

Perhaps most important, the red scanner light on the nose glows and makes a humming noise.

The car has two working video screens on the dashboard, and the cockpit features buttons that light up in green, yellow and red: ski mode, rocket boost, micro jam, silent mode, oil slick and eject.

The only thing wrong is that it doesn't have todays polution controls and some minor technical details so it's not "street legal!"

But, you can drive it up and down your driveway all you want.

Or just sit in it!

Or even better, tow it to your favourite hangout, and then sit in it and pick up chicks.

(Don't try and tell me the Al'sters not thinking!)

Your "yea, but does it come in red" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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