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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday Morning Funnies!

A farm implement and supplies salesman is driving down a country road in his pickup when he looks beside him at the ditch and sees a chicken running along with the truck.

He doesn't think too much about it until he realises that he's doing 35 MPH.

Sure enough, on closer examination, not only is the chicken keeping pace the truck but he's got three legs!

Not knowing what to make of this, he steps on the gas and is soon going 60 MPH. But when he looks down the chicken is still with him.

He honks the horn to get the chickens attention but scares it instead.

It then takes off at 80 and goes up the road in a small cloud of dust.

At the top of the next hill he sees the chicken turn into a farm and decides to find out what's going on.

An old farmer is standing there and he says to him. "Excuse me, but there was this chicken with three legs that was running like hell and I saw it go in here. What's going on?"

The old farmer says to him. "Yea, that's a new breed of chicken we got. It's called a New England three-legged fryer!

They're frying chickens!"

"Wow." Says the guy. "They're fast all right, but what do they taste like?"

"Damned if I know!" Says the farmer. "We've never been able to catch one yet!!"

And speaking of more legs than you need.............

Mystery over five-legged frogs

A frog Experts are investigating after frogs with five legs were found in a river.

Environmental agency Natural England said specialists did not know what had caused the deformity.

A spokeswoman said it was thought to be the first time such frogs had been found in the UK - although they had been seen in the US.

Officials said the frogs were found recently in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, by a member of the public.

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