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Friday, May 04, 2007

Sam, you made the pants too long!

This is how crazy the world is getting boys and girls!!

Roy Pearson, a judge in Washington DC, is suing Custom Cleaners dry cleaner for $67 million because they lost his favorite pants.

Pearson claims he experienced "mental suffering, inconvenience and discomfort" and wants to get paid for 10 years worth of weekend car rentals to drive his dirty duds to another dry cleaner.

According to the plaintiff, it's the second time the cleaners lost his pants. The dry cleaners, who say that are getting hammered by two years worth of lawyers' fees to defend themselves, claim they have the pants but Pearson won't drop by to pick them up.

Pearson believes he is entitled to $1,500 for each violation, each day during which the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign and another sign promising "Same Day Service" was up in the store -- more than 1,200 days.

And he's multiplying each violation by three because he's suing (Custom Cleaners owners) Jin and Soo Chung and their son.

He also wants $500,000 in emotional damages and $542, 500 in legal fees, even though he is representing himself in court.

He wants $15,000 for 10 years' worth of weekend car rentals as well.

After enlisting neighbors and fellow customers, he sought to expand the case into a class action suit, but was denied, angrily, by District of Columbia Civil Judge Neal Kravitz.

"The Court has significant concerns that the plaintiff is acting in bad faith and with an intent to delay the proceedings," the judge wrote in court papers.

"Indeed, it is difficult to draw any other conclusion, given the plaintiff's lengthy delay in seeking to expand the scope of the case, the breathtaking magnitude of the expansion he seeks, his failure to present any evidence in support of the thousands of claims he says he wishes to add, and his misrepresentation concerning the scope of his first amended complaint."

(Thanks, Lindsay Tiemeyer!)

As a footnote here, the people that own Custom Cleaners have said "Fuck it" and are moving back to Korea



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