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Monday, June 25, 2007

No Tickee..... No washee!

U.S. judge rules in favour of dry cleaner sued for millions.

Guest Post by By Lubna Takruri

A judge ruled today in favour of a dry cleaner who was sued for US$54 million over a missing pair of pants.

The judge's decision said Custom Cleaners did not violate the city's Consumer Protection Act by failing to live up to Roy Pearson's expectations of the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign once displayed in the store's window.

Judge Judith Bartnoff of District of Columbia Superior Court ordered Pearson to pay the court costs of defendants Soo Chung, Jin Nam Chung and Ki Y. Chung.

Pearson, an administrative law judge, originally sought $67 million from the Chungs, claiming they lost a pair of suit trousers and later tried to give him a pair that he said was not his.

He arrived at the amount by adding up years of alleged law violations and almost $2 million in common law claims.

Pearson later dropped demands for damages related to the pants and focused his claims on signs in the shop, which have since been removed.

Chris Manning, the Chungs' lawyer, argued that no reasonable person would interpret the signs to mean an unconditional promise of satisfaction.

The Chungs said the trial had taken an enormous financial and emotional toll on them and exposed them to widespread ridicule.

The two-day trial earlier this month drew a standing-room-only crowd and overshadowed the drunken driving trial of former mayor Marion Barry.

This Pearson guy must be a complete idiot if he thinks the verdict would be anything other than what it was.

Now if everyone who brought bull-shit lawsuits like this before the courts was required to pay all legal costs for everyone involved, this would go a long way towards reducing frivolous lawsuits. After all the United States is the most litigious country in the world!

Your "Chung, you made the pants too long" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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