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Friday, July 13, 2007

All Shook Up

Kim Jong-ill, glorious leader of North Korea has been embarrassed by foreign politicians.

It seems that at a party for visiting Chinese officials last week-end Glorious Leader lead a karaoke party where he sang a few of his favorite Elvis Presley songs.

The only problem was the Kin Jong-ill was used to a local crowd who would naturally applaud with great enthusiasm and tell him how wonderful he was.

Instead, these were Chinese officials who weren't that crazy about him to begin with and rather than the usual platitudes, he was greeted with a barrage of jeers and howls of laughter.

Apparently Kim baby was livid and next day North Korea's security agency ordered the shutdown of all karaoke bars, saying they are a threat to society, a South Korean newspaper reported Wednesday.

Refugees from the reclusive state say such outlets are largely located in the northern region that borders China and are frequented by merchants involved in cross-border business rather than ordinary citizens.

The North's Ministry of People's Security said in a directive that all karaoke bars, video-screening rooms and Internet cafes must shut immediately, the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper said.

Local officials could not be reached for comment. As a matter of fact unsubstantiated reports indicate that these people are no longer around at all.

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