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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A word to the wise.

First of all I would like to personally thank the Perspective research staf for another fine job they did in coming up with some of these marvelous inventions and ideas that make our life so much easier.

We, as a race, have been around a hundred thousand years, but it's only in the last few that so that we hav shown much creativity in snacking utility items to make the job easier. We will feature one of them here!

Are you fed up with bringing bananas to work or school only to find them bruised and squashed? Banana Guard allows you to safely transport and storage individual bananas letting you enjoy perfect bananas anytime, anywhere.

Now, unfortunately, I have a more difficult job that concerns the entire "Perspective" staff. I hope that for the sake of a pleasant working environment they take this message to heart!

I hope we can all get along and since I know you are all intelligent people, one word to the wise should suffice! Settle down people, the office is starting to look and sound like a three ring circus!

Allan W Janssen

President and CEO


Allan W Janssen is the author of the book The Plain Truth About God (What the mainstream religions don't want you to know!) and is available at the web site http://www.god-101.com/

Visit the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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