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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Letters, we get letters!!!

Hi, Allan.

Nice to hear the word of common sense.

In my recent studies in Humanities, I've become more aware of how people 'argue' in a Philosophical sense, that is, wholey impartial and objective, not the 'blood and guts' type of argument; there are Valid Arguments and Sound Arguments; they are different.

The trouble is, you cannot have, I find, a meaningful argument, a Sound Argument, when the discussion is linked with faith. Faith seems to be all things to all people, no matter how passionately they each fight their corners.

Much of the discussion and disagreement involving religion gets linked with territory, land or country; all the same thing really. Then, people who hold the same beliefs and follow the same doctrines begin to feel threatened.

That's when they start to forget the principles of their religion; peace, love and tolerance.

I should like to know some of the sources of your wisdom, so I can refer to them when I'm getting into the Religion part of my Humanities. We never know enough, but we never know it all! I look forward to more of your articles, my friend.

jerome k.,

Jerome go H E R E and get the paperback of "The Plain Truth About God!"

It will tell you everything you need to know about religion.

Allan W Janssen is the author of the book The Plain Truth About God (What the mainstream religions don't want you to know!) and is available at the web site www.God-101.com

Visit the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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