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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Notes

News from here, there and everywhere by the award winning Perspective research department!

First the "there."

News out of North Korea from our Asian Bureau that Fearless Leader Kim Jong-ill is going to make the ultimate sacrifice for his Country and fly to a working holiday in China and Vietnam.

Apparently Kim has a big fear of flying and takes the train everywhere, even on a trip to Moscow some years ago.

Since he is going to be flying, he needed a personal plane, so the government went to Russia and bought him one for this trip.

Meanwhile North Korea is once again near mass starvation for it's people. (And the reason the army is so big is because they get regular food!)

South Korea expressed disappointment that Kim Jong-ill's "ultimate sacrifice" didn't mean that he was going to kill himself!


Next; Hot off the "Persective" news wire. Marth Stewart's dog has died!

It made all the papers.


Well pimp my Pope.......

Pope Benedict XVI has criticised US bishops for their handling of child sex scandals involving Catholic Priests, saying their response to the crisis had sometimes been very poor.

However, he laid part of the blame for the crisis, of which he feels "deeply ashamed", on a breakdown in US values which allowed the priests to perpetrate those acts.

(Yup, if a guy's a pedophile, it's Societies fault!!!)

By the way, on the third day of his visit to the United States, Pope Benedict will celebrate Mass in Washington's new baseball stadium and perform the traditional "blessing of the ball!",


From Fox News, the flagship of Journalistic integrity: Oprah Winfrey may have gone too far in exploiting and distributing the teachings of a questionable New Age writer.

On Monday night this week, Winfrey conducted her weekly web “event” seminar with new age writer Eckhart Tolle. His message: “Life is the dancer and you are the dance.”

Got that?


And finally; Global auction house Sotheby's failed to hammer off a 72.22-carat, "D" flawless white diamond at its Asian sales last week in a possible sign of weakness in the global diamond trade.

The large diamond which had a pre-sale estimate of $10-12 million, attracted a final bid of HK$73 million ($9.24million) that fell short of the reserve price and went unsold, said Sotheby's press officer Rhonda Yung.

(That reserve must have been $10 million. Oh well, another day, another dollar!)

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