Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh Shit! Yes, and lots of it!

Members of a small, isolated Amish community are refusing to follow state code in their handling of waste from a school’s two outhouses, citing their religious convictions.

The Amish property owner said he is even willing to go to jail to defend his beliefs.

Local officials aren’t eager to go to that extreme, but are in a quandary over how to assure the laws are applied uniformly and the raw sewage doesn’t contaminate water supplies.

Waste from the outhouses has been collected in plastic buckets, then dumped onto the fields.

The county is demanding the Amish install a holding tank and contract with a certified sewage hauler for disposal.

A district judge last month found Andy Swartzentruber, on whose land the outhouses sit, and school elder Sam Yoder in violation of state sewage disposal law. They have until Tuesday to pay more than $500 each in fines or to appeal the ruling.

“I’d rather go to jail, and abide by our religion,” Swartzentruber told The Associated Press one recent afternoon while taking a break from tilling a field.

While all Amish shun the modern world, the Swartzentrubers are known for their more austere restrictions on technology, more severe limits to interaction with the outside world and more rigid notions of the separation of church and state, Donald Kraybill, an Amish expert at Elizabethtown College said.

Yoder and five other Amish men laid out their beliefs in a handwritten letter to the sewage enforcement agency in January.

It seems their troubles began in October 2006 when residents complained anonymously that the schoolhouse and outhouses were erected on his property without permits.

Residents said they worried about potential water contamination since non of the waste disposal system (Or lack there of)conformed to code.

An inspection found plastic buckets collecting waste in the outhouses, and Swartzentruber told sewage officials the waste was disposed of by being dumped onto his fields, according to sewage agency documents.

County officials said they want to work something out with the Amish. If they choose, they can propose building their own holding tank, as long as it can be shown to meet construction standards.

“People respect their religious beliefs,” township supervisor Giles Dumm said. “Nobody’s coming down on them about that.”

But, he said, “it’s not fair to the rest of the community if some people have to abide by the sewage laws and some don’t.”
Agency, state and township officials have met with Swartzentruber and other local Amish at least seven times since October to discuss permit requirements.

If the stalemate continues, county officials said, another option may be seeking an injunction to prohibit use of the school or the outhouses.

“We feel this sewage plan enforcement along with its standards is against our religious (beliefs),” they wrote. “Our forefathers and the church are conscientiously opposed to install the sewage method accordingly to the world’s standards.”
O.K. kids, listen up! This is one of the best examples of how religion can fuck up your head in no time flat.

To think that some dogma is supposed to prevent you from giving away or even disposing of your shit, and at the same time is threatening the outside water supply is not only stupid, but downright criminal.

I have had all the members of the Perspective research department scrutinise the entire bible and there is NOT ONE any reference to spreading your poop on your fields.

(Besides that, manure from vegetarian animals like cows is a lot better for the crops!)

I can definitely say that the shit is going to hit the fan on this one!

Your "full of shit" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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