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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Morning Confusion #34

This is a mystery worthy of any cop show on T.V., except it's real life Bunky!

Another severed human foot has been discovered washed ashore on Canada's Pacific coast, but police are no closer to solving the gruesome mystery.

The foot, still wearing a shoe, was discovered on Thursday on a small uninhabited island south of Vancouver in the Strait of Georgia, and is the fourth discovered in the region in the past 10 months.

The previous cases all involved right feet still in sneakers, and each was found on a different island.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have not said if the latest discovery was a right or left foot.

(DNA testing has failed to link the earlier discoveries to any missing person cases and no one has reported any missing feet so the cops are looking into other evidence that will give them a foot in the door and bring them a step closer to solving this mystery.)


Car sales given a shot in the arm!

A Missouri car dealer said on Thursday sales have soared at his auto and truck business since launching a promotion this week that promises buyers a free handgun or a $250 gas card with every purchase.

Max Motors, a small Butler, Missouri dealership that has as its logo a grimacing cowboy wielding a pistol, has sold more than 30 cars and trucks in the last three days, far more than its normal volume. And owner Mark Muller credits his decision to start offering buyers their choice of a $250 gas card or a $250 credit at a gun shop.

Now, forget Tupperware Parties baby, they're on the way out. Here are some facts that I'm sure you will get a charge from!

The latest trend in the States is now leaning towards "Stun Gun" parties!!!!

Thats' right, based on the "Tupperware Party" principal, female entrepreneurs in the States are now selling Tasers as they become "de rigueur" for the ladies.

Sales have skyrocketed and are approaching levels that could at one time have been considered "shocking!"


And finally, what better way to end this post with our "Loser of the Day!"

Yea, I know some Arabs can talk big but when you get right down to it a lot of the men are just as whipped as their American counterparts!

After 30 years of marriage, cynics might say most husbands and wives would know everything about each other but not in the case of one Saudi Arabian man who managed to live with his wife for three decades without setting eyes on her face.

Not that he had much choice about it. His 50-year-old wife followed the tradition of her native village near the south-western city of Khamis Mushayt and kept her features veiled at all times.

That is until one night last month when the husband was finally overcome by curiosity and tried to lift his wife's veil as she slept to take a look at her face.

This was an error he is unlikely to be given a chance to repeat after his outraged wife woke up during his sneak attack and is now demanding a divorce.

She said her husband apologised and promised never to do it again, but she insisted she wanted a divorce. 'After all these years, he tries to commit such a big mistake,' she told Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh after leaving the house in disbelief.

Many Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran require women to cover their faces in public but in the privacy of their homes there is no such compulsion.

But, even though always remaining veiled - even in front of your husband - is not an Islamic practice, but a very old tradition practised by a tiny minority of women in remote areas of Gulf countries.

Most examples of it are in Saudi, one of the most conservative of countries.

Because this guy that is being divorced by his petulant wife he easily makes it as out "Loser of the Day" but I do have to admit that this practise of being veiled at all times is a hell of a good way of getting all the ugly broads married off!

Your "tell it like it is" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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