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At first glance this would seem to be a local problem and not of general interest to a world-wide blog except the gang in question is turning into a multi-national corporation!

Toronto police say they have foiled a murder conspiracy and broken up a violent Central American gang trying to establish itself in the city.

On Wednesday police arrested 17 people who they say are suspected members of Mara Salvatrucha-13 — also know as MS-13 — a gang with roots in El Salvador that operates throughout Central America, southern Mexico and the U.S.

The suspected gang members arrested Wednesday have been implicated by police in the sale of illegal drugs and guns, taken part in violent robberies and break and enters, and suspected in a number of contract killings.

Along with seizing guns and between five and six kilos of cocaine during their raids on 22 residences on Wednesday, police also say they uncovered a conspiracy to murder someone connected to the justice system.

They refused to be more specific.

Toronto Police chief Bill Blair said the conspiracy fits with past behaviour on the part of the gang.

"They have demonstrated in many other jurisdictions a willingness to use violence to intimidate participants in the criminal justice system — witnesses, police officers, corrections officers, judges, lawyers, Crown attorneys," said Blair.

"They will use violence in order to shield themselves from criminal prosecution."
Fortunately MS-13 does not have a strong presence here in Canada and is being eradicated like the rabid disease that it is.

The members are easy to identify compared to the home grown "gangstas" and will be pruned from the landscape before they can entrench themselves into society they way they have in the U.S. and Central and South America.

There they control entire sections of cities and run the local prisons from the inside!

Here is an excerpt of some of the comments made to Perspective about this group;

-The MS-13 criminal organization is considered by many law enforcement agencies as being the most dangerous and violent gangs in existence. To read that they are attempting to establish themselves in Canada is a frightening prospect.

If successful, the drug and gang related violence we have experienced so far in our cities, and in particular Toronto, will pale in comparison to what MS-13 will inflict. This group will be the definition of terrorism in our cities.

-A question that must be answered! How did they establish a criminal presence in Toronto and how did their members immigrate to Canada? It appears the Immigration Department has lot of explaining to do.

A 100% effort must be maintained by our Law Enforcement agencies, our Security services, and Federal and Provincial governments to eradicate this menace and keep them out of Canada.

-I have a suggestion. Get the first plane you can get your hands on, fuel it up before a refugee claim can be made, and ship these boys out of Canada ASAP.

Put them in parachutes, and drop them off as near to their homeland as possible.

OR, as is our habit, we can cater to them every which way for several years to the tune of several million taxpayers dollars, while they continue to abuse and insult the honest citizens of this overly generous country.

-I have an idea! Let's disarm the law-abiding gun owners and close down their practice ranges like Mayor David Miller wants to do.

Mr. Mayor, do you have anything to say about MS-13- the most violent and ruthless gang in the world - setting up shop in Toronto?

Or are you too buzy chasing down law abiding citizens?

Not a peep, not a word huh? You're silence speaks volumes on your "true" intentions.

-You guys need to calm down. You can rest assured that Mayor Miller will take care of this matter. Once he has disarmed all the legal gun owners and closed their gun ranges, MS-13 will have no way to get weapons, nor will they have anywhere to practive with them if they did. Rather than confront them or speak out against them, he will starve them out.

They will soon return to Central America, dispirited and broken, crushed by the David Miller anti-gun machince.

Please, be at ease.
(This is where I have to inject a personal note; I don't agree with letting normal citizens have the right to own handguns since the ONLY thing they are used for is to kill PEOPLE. If you want to be a member of a gun club and target shoot, maybe you should get another hobby!!!!)

-I know of responsible and professional people who have applied for tourist visa's from Central America to visit Canada without any intention of staying here because they have economical, professional ties in their countries... and have been denied!!

So, I dont understand how these gangsters are allowed to come to Canada.

Criminals of the magnitude of the Salvatruchas, and others, are a very delicate issue, and cannot be treated lightly. This deserves a very serious investigation from IMMIGRATION, LOCAL AUTHORITIES AND THE GOVERNMENT before it is too late!

-MS 13 is NOT like any other "gang" in any way, shape or form. They're evil and will stop at absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing to show exactly how evil they are.
Example..a 16 year old boy had his hands copped off with a machette.

Example..an 11 year old boy was beaten to a pulp by a group of MS 13 new recruits for 13 minutes.

Example..a pregnant 17 year old girl was murdered because she was going to blow the whistle. Example..a bullet was left outside of a police officers door with his initials engraved in it.

Shall I go on??

-We need to let our Police and Customs officers use terrorism statutes already on the books to go after organizations like this that will literally leave our streets covered in the blood of innocent citizens.

-This gang makes the Hell's Angles look like angles. They kill for fun, they are extremely well organized, well financed and are spreading like wildfire all across the western world.

-MS13 is made up mostly of people of Central Amercian heritage, but started in Los Angeles, California among the young people fleeing the Central Amercian wars in the '80s.

Because of this background, many of the original members have military training and access to weapons your average street gang does not.

MS13 has created havoc across the Americas.

No surprise they are in Canada.

The question isn't how to send them "back" (many were probably born here), but how to intervene in the lives of these young people so that MS13 cannot take root.

Believe me, you don't want it in Toronto.
Allan W Janssen is the author of the book The Plain Truth About God (What the mainstream religions don't want you to know!) and is available at the web site www.God-101.com

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