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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday Morning Confusion!

Puppies for Sale!

I think that by now everyone has gotten on of those scam letters from Nigeria or wherever about the 15 or 20 million left in a bank account and "could you please help us get it out of the country!!!"

I keep thinking that there is no one stupid enough to fall for this shit but low and behold in the paper yesterday was an article about a guy right here in Ontario, who was an ACCOUNTANT of all things, losing his shirt in one of these scams.

(Remind me NEVER to have HIM do my books!)

On top of that we have your "congratulations, you have won the Spanish lottery, English lottery, French lottery etc.

Then there is the job offer of cashing cheques for an "offshore" company and keeping 10 or 15 percent as a commission.

Other companies have miracle products that you first have to invest in up-front before you sell a thing, and of course the multiple pyramid schemes floating around as well.

I just saw the latest trick today and some of these guys are really stooping to new lows in their quest for a fast buck.

Cute puppies are the latest lure for shameless scammers ready to put the bite on victims. Ads are placed for pure-bred puppies, and once the dog lover pays the initial price of several hundred dollars, the scammer dings the buyer for more money for transportation fees and taxes and shots.

Of course the pup never shows up!

Get this! Some of the scammers are even posing as Catholic missionaries who can't take their dogs to Africa.

They are appealing not only to dog lovers but also people who are supporting the Church!

My Mother is in her eighties and told me last week she wanted to get a computer! I said to her I didn't think it was such a good idea, but didn't explain why because she would have said, "Well I'm smarter than that!"

Yea, right!

Your "pass the donation tray" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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