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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thought screen helmet stops alien abductions!


A Multimeter shows a voltage which proves that the thought screen helmet intercepts a microwave signal although the source of the signal cannot be determined. It also demonstrates that aliens are neither paranormal nor supernatural. Test made by a man with two helmets who was being abducted. See the development section for more information on this historic discovery.

How The Thought Screen Helmet Works

The thought screen helmet blocks telepathic communication between aliens and humans. An abductee who took voltage readings from a second helmet while wearing another one demonstrates that this communication is a form of electromagnetic energy.

Aliens cannot immobilize people wearing thought screens nor can they control their minds or communicate with them using their telepathy. When aliens can't communicate or control humans, they do not take them.

A Record of Success

The thought screen helmet has effectively stopped several types of aliens from abducting or controlling humans. Only two failures from standard thought screen helmets have been reported since 1998. A third failure in 2005 was from a cloth helmet with a smaller square area of Velostat and a Velcro strap which was easily removed by an alien hybrid.

Worldwide Use

Adults and children all over America, all over Australia, in Canada, the United Kingdom, and in the Republic of South Africa are wearing thought screen helmets to stop alien abductions. Many former abudctees have been wearing thought screen helmets successfully since 1999.

Successful Shielding Material

Other shielding material was tried in previous models with less success. Only thought screen helmets using Velostat are effective. Large leather aviator hats lined with Velostat with secure straps are recommended for making effective helmets.

ALIEN ABDUCTEE FROM AUSTRIA WEARING A THOUGHT SCREEN HELMET SHE MADE FROM DIRECTIONS ON THIS WEB SITE. "I have been abducted for years and found stopabductions.com by a happy coincidence.
The Thought Screen Helmet, invented by an expert, has stopped the unwelcome visitations and has raised me and my family`s quality of life. Therefore I highly
recommend it."

ALIEN ABDUCTEE FROM KENTUCKY WEARING A THOUGHT SCREEN HELMET. Since trying Michael Menkin's Helmet, I have not been bothered by alien mind control. Now my thoughts are my own. I have achieved meaningful work and am contributing to society.

My life is better than ever before. Thank you Michael for the work you are doing to save all humanity."

Thought Screen Helmet testimonials from users.

Names of abductees are withheld for confidentiality and to prevent harassment from skeptics. See "Intruders Foundation" website for comments on harassment from skeptics.

“We (a husband and wife team) felt we did not need to include each day from the diary this time since each entry is getting to be repetitive. We have been sleeping very well and have had no unusual experiences since the evaluation of the Thought Screen Helmet.

I must say we were a bit skeptical as to it working but we looked at it in comparison to magnetic therapy that so many people have claimed works. Now many doctors are recommending magnets as part of treatment for various things.

By blocking or reflecting thought energy seems to be a most practical way of dealing with alien influences and in preventing abduction scenarios.”

“Still nothing new to report here...so it must work!”

“Congrats...my life has changed for the better...new job, new confidence etc.”

“Thank you, thank you, for your work in this area. Your efforts to protect those of us who have been victims of this living nightmare are most appreciated.”

“I am happy to report that the Thought Screen Helmet has been performing beautifully! It’s been over six months now and NOT ONE INCIDENT! Aside from some of the naive neighborhood kids and their taunting it’s been a blissful period.”

“The aliens clearly do not like the helmet.” (This statement is from a woman abductee and her five year old daughter who was also being abducted.

The aliens harassed the five year old and threatened her that something terrible would happen to her mother if her mother did not stop wearing the helmet. The girl was so frightened by the aliens that her mother stopped wearing the helmet and they both were taken.)

“I have slept now every night for a week. I though that I would never sleep through the night again due to the operations in my head. My husband presented me with the helmet you sent me. I said to him, “honey this is not going to work,”

I am a skeptic and told him I did not ever expect to sleep well again. But my husband Steve said I should try it for him, he cares about me so much so I did. Well the first night I slept peacefully dreaming about normal and peaceful things. I said perhaps it was because I was so sleep deprived.

Well, the next night I slept again peacefully and have every night since. I thank you so very much, it works!”

“The Thought Screen Helmet is working perfectly. I have not had contact with the aliens since I first started using it. Though twice now coming back from work, I have noticed lights following to the rear of my car, so now I take the helmet with me in the car in case I am abducted. “

“I am using the material (Velostat) in my hat. I wear it to bed. I sleep better than I have in a long time. But it’s hard to tell if it works or not. I think it works.”

“I want to thank you and thank Jesus. The helmet works. ...I don’t feel alone any more.”

“I am able to fight it off. The helmet is working for me.”

“My son has been wearing the helmet since December 2000. A Neurologist and pediatrician both say that he has made dramatic improvement in his behavior, ability to process information, and he gives me eye contact. My son has been open with me about his dreams and abduction experiences. He wears the helmet after school and at night.”

“I wore the helmet nightly for about 3-4 months after receiving it. I stopped dreaming of alien encounters, and am not aware of any strange events since that time, in spite of witnessing odd lights in the fall of 2000.

I have awakened twice in the past year with a strange headache and sore spot at the base of the right side of my skull.

I was not wearing a helmet either time, and I don’t have any associated memories. I’ve noted in the past that grays and possibly others have had interest in two of my four children. The have not reported remembering any experiences, and I’m not aware of any recent activity.”

"Just thought I would let you know there has been no more problems since we started wearing the helmets. We are finally getting some good peaceful sleep after about three years"

Possible alien weaknesses (grays only)

Reliance on telepathy. When the alien's telepathic powers are neutralized by the "thought screen helmet" they do not attempt to abduct their victims. Without their telepathic power they cannot render their victims passive.

Nutrient absorbing skin of grays. It was reported in The Threat that the grays sit in a vat of nutrients and absorb it through their skin. They do not eat as humans do. The grays nutrient absorbing skin may be a weakness as substances of strong odors or material sprayed on their skin may be absorbed directly into their body.

If you have experience with any alien weakness for any alien race anywhere in the world, please email this website. send email to: mmenkin@hotmail.com

(no way I'm putting my name on this one! Oh no!)

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