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Monday, December 31, 2007

Election is over!

This is about as un-scientific as you can get, but the results of our poll for the U.S. Presidential Election are in and it looks rather surprising.

But, before we get to the results, Newsweek published a poll as well today, and our "Perspective" research staff did a far better job because Newsweek would only list the top candidates for each Party while we called the whole election and the percentages for each candidate!

First Newsweek called the candidates for the Republicans by popularity.

1. McCain
2. Huckabee
3. Romney

Then the Democrats.

1. Obama
2. Clinton
3. Edwards

Now our election includes everyone which is not the way a general election would run. It would only be one Republican against one Democrat but if it was a wide open field it would look something like this!

Total popular vote amongst U.S. population!!!!!!!

1. Obama 19%
2. McCain 16%
3. Edwards 16%
4. Paul 16%
5. Clinton 12%
6. Huckabee 8%
7. Bidden 8%
8. Giuliani 5%

Now please don't forget these percentages only apply if all candidates were running, and there are so many other variables. Even at this late date, more than half of all voters in Iowa and New Hampshire say they have not made up their minds for sure.

Many are still deciding which candidate they think would make the best president. But thousands of others are wrestling with a more cold-blooded question: who can win in November?

Most early head-to-head polls show John McCain and Barack Obama as the strongest candidates in a general election, a reflection of their slight edge over their primary opponents among independents, who make up at least a third of the electorate and often determine the outcome.

But "electability voters" need more than polls. With the stipulation that 10 months is an eon in politics, let's make some educated guesses about the pros and cons of how each of the plausible candidates would do in the Big Show.

These assessments could be thrown off by unexpected developments, the entrance of a third-party candidate or the particular dynamics of various match ups of Republican and Democratic nominees. Plus, I just don't think America is ready to elect a Black President. A woman maybe, but a Black........ NO!

(We have to remember the the United States on the whole is still a very Conservative country, so where Clinton or Obama might have a better chance here in Canada or some of the more liberal European Countries.... in the States it's an uphill battle.)


(We've never been wrong, but then again this is our first year!)

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