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Monday, December 31, 2007


It is with extreme regret that I must confess we made a drastic mistake here on "Perspective" on Friday December 28th.

Despite the many safeguards in place to prevent things like this from happening, it was only a few days after Christmas and the first day back at work for most of the "Perspective" staff so I can't be too harsh with them.

The article in question was about my telling kids to be cautious on the Internet and I wrote about how that nice kid on the web could actually be someone like my next door neighbour Charlie, so they should be careful!

(Actually, in spite of his looks, he is sort of a nice "kid," just a bit weird at times!)

Anyway, I wrote the article and then instructed the copy department to add the picture of Charlie and then do the usual composition and production, but due to a labelling problem they put in the wrong picture!!!!

<-- This picture (which they put in by mistake) is actually a photo of Santa that was sent to us on the 26th of December by Mrs. Clause. (This was Santa's first day in Hawaii for his post-Christmas break and as you can see from his bare chest he wasn't used to the heat yet!)

I and all the staff here at "Perspective" sincerely apologize to Santa for any mistakes that were made and we of course in no way meant to suggest that HE was weird.

(Although I assume Santa has enough of a sense of humour to see it that way as well!)

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