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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Morning Confusion #67 1/2

What a way to waste a Saturday morning. Canadian artist Melanie Coles is revamping an age-old kid's game with satellites, Google Earth and a brightly colored rooftop painting.

Coles's project, Where on Earth is Waldo?, is a twist on the popular series of books Where's Waldo?, but instead of identifying Waldo among pages of cluttered illustrations, players can hunt for Waldo using Google Earth. (Me)

Coles constructed a 55-foot long Waldo, clad in his characteristic red-and-white striped sweater, matching ski cap and glasses, on a rooftop somewhere in Greater Vancouver, Canada, though she's keeping mum on the exact location.

The word is spreading and I not only heard about it this morning, but have spent the last two hours trying to find the not-so-little dipstick!

Let me tell you something Melanie, if I don't find him in the next hour you're getting my "asshole of the day" award!

If I do, I'm giving myself the "winner of the day" prize!

I'm sorry I can't write any more at the moment but I've got to find that damn Waldo!

If I do I will write. (But ya ain't gettin the location!)

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