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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Squeal with delight

I started to dislike teenagers shortly after I got into my thirties.

It was nothing specific, just a general wonder at how they could pull such stupid stunts on a day to day basis and think they were functioning terrifically.

When my own kids hit their teen years I spent many an hour with my mouth hanging open and a glazed look in my eyes at some of the stuff they pulled.

Not to get into any specifics here, but let's just say that critical thinking was not one of their strong points. Or even thinking for that matter!

Well listen here bunky, science has found a cure for teenagers.

A noise-making device that drives away rowdy youth with an irritating high-pitched squeal has quietly landed on Canadian shores after a European debut.

The "Mosquito" emits a high-frequency screech that can be heard only by ears of those aged 13 to 25, raising claims of discrimination in some European quarters while giving hundreds of business owners peace and quiet from unruly young crowds.

Officials in the City of Montreal are studying whether the device could legally be used to clear young drug dealers and bums from scary city tunnels, but the machine is already a hit among some West Coast businesses.
So far, 150 Mosquitos with a starting price of $1,250 have been sold in Canada. British Columbia has the most customers so far, although test units have been installed in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Moving Sound Technologies Inc., the Mosquito's Vancouver-based distributor, has set up sales offices in Toronto and Montreal, anticipating big demand will come in spring.

"It's awesome," said Lisa Deacon, manager of the 57 Below Bar and Liquor Store in New Westminster, B.C. The bar was one of the first North American businesses to try the device, in 2006. "It turns on at night and keeps away all the young punks who hang out at the SkyTrain station."
Two Mac's convenience stores in Victoria have used the Mosquito to clear out drug dealers, while two others in Richmond, B.C., have used it to clear massive teen crowds.

"We use them to deal with a worst-case scenario," said Geoff Higuchi, operations manager for Mac's in B.C. "We love kids, kids are huge part of our business. So it's not the be-all, end-all tool, but it's one more tool to add to the arsenal if other methods don't work, such as policing."
Now if they had a similar device for nagging wives everything would be peachy keen.

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