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Monday, May 28, 2007

Oh shit.... Yea, and lots of It!

Turkeys and chickens produce a LOT of poop.

As a matter of fact, ALL animals produce a significant amount of waste products.

Remember, cows contribute up to 3% of all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, just by being good farters!!!

Anyway, the problem of bird droppings from large turkey and chicken farms was finally solved by burning it for power!

The technology to turn that litter into electricity was developed by Scotsman Simon Fraser, whose job was to produce heat for a wood-burning distillery.

His brother was running a poultry farm that needed to get rid of its waste, so Fraser decided to try burning it instead of wood.

After some experimentation to make the often wet litter more flammable, he managed to turn it into a stable fuel.

The Frasers — the company is chaired by son Rupert Fraser — have now come to the U.S.

In addition to a Minnesota plant, the Newtown, Penn. -based company is looking at several other locations in North Carolina, Arkansas, Maryland and Mississippi.

"Really, we're all about restoring the environmental balance," says the younger Fraser. "We're creating energy; we're encouraging the sustainability of the poultry industry; and the fertilizer that is produced from the ash is really popular with the farmers."

The $202 million Minnesota plant, which began construction in 2004, will generate about 55 megawatts of electricity from the 700,000 tons of turkey litter and other agricultural biomass it expects to burn each year.

The electricity is being sold to Xcel Energy under a 21-year power purchase agreement. "That's enough energy to fuel about 50,000 homes," says Fraser.

Back in Benson, townsfolk are embracing the idea of poop power.

"I'm not an environmentalist," said Dr. Rick Horecka. "But it makes sense. The local farmers used to have to pay to get rid of this stuff. Now they'll get paid for it. It won't hurt the environment. And it produces something we need.

There's a few skeptics, but we really are convinced it is a good thing for the community."

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