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Monday, May 21, 2007

Gir---illas just want to have fun!

A 57-year-old Dutch woman who was attacked by a gorilla at a Rotterdam zoo said the ape was still her favorite even though she felt she was going to die when he bit her and then dragged her into his enclosure where she remained with him for over a half an hour....

I stood by the small apes in the Africa section when I heard a thud behind me. I turned around and there was Bokito. I had nowhere to go. He gripped me, sat on me with his full weight and bit me.

Bokito got me into his enclosure where he just wanted to have some private time with me!" the woman told the Telegraaf.

"He is and remains my darling," the paper quoted the woman as saying from her hospital bed, where she is being treated for bite wounds and a broken arm and wrist.

The 11-year old male gorilla burst out of its enclosure on Friday and went on a rampage in the zoo's cafeteria before being recaptured.

"I go to the zoo almost every day with my husband, and we're always going to see Bokito. I even have pictures and videos from Berlin when he was only four months old," the woman told Dutch mass-circulation daily Telegraaf.

"I could only think 'O God, I'm going to die, I'm going to die' but it turns out that the gorilla wasn't all that dangerous, he just liked me..... a lot!"

The Telegraaf said people had since come from across the country to Rotterdam Zoo to see the gorilla.

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