Monday, August 21, 2006

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but ideas can get you killed too!

We have a gentleman here in Toronto by the name of Tarek Fatah who was the communications director for the Canadian Muslim Congress.

Typical of most things Canadian Mr. Fatah is a moderate Muslim, the Congress is a moderate oraganization and its purpose is to promote moderation amongst the Muslim population.

Mr. Fatah is also the host of the Crossroads Television current-affairs program "Muslim Chronicles." This show is well known for its liberal interpretations of Islam such as gay and womens rights, inter-faith harmony and a host of other issues. This also included opposition to the implementation of Shariah Law, which a group of less liberal Muslim Clerics were trying to get the Ontario government to pass - "for the good of the Muslim community."

Muslim Chronicles and Mr. Fatah also successfully opposed granting a visa to a controversial British Muslim cleric Sheik Riyadh ul Haq who wanted to enter the country and deliver a series of lectures at various functions around the city.

It seems the Sheik was looked upon as a hate monger and advocated the use of violence to promote Muslim causes. In typical Canadian fashion they simply stated that these radical outlooks were not in keeping with the Canadian character and he should be barred from the Country. So there!

This past week Mr Fatah stated that during the past few months he has been assaulted both verbally and physically, including an incident in which he was attacked at an Islamic conference in Toronto by dozens of young Muslim men who wanted to radicalize Islam here in good old conservative Canada. He also said that an associate informed him of a discussion she overheard in which young men were debating the best way to kill him!

This turned out to be the last straw and Mr. Fatah resigned from Crossroads Television and from the Canadian Muslim Congress.

He is now in hiding!

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