Saturday, October 14, 2006

End Game

PYONGYANG—Frustrated that its megalomaniacal outbursts no longer inspire fear and panic in the international community, the nation of North Korea detonated all six of its nuclear warheads early Thursday morning, killing 32 million in what international observers are calling "a pathetic bid for attention."

"This is very typical and melodramatic," South Korean President Roo Moo-hyun said yesterday. "North Korea has been 'acting out' for years — decorating its country with provocative posters, never leaving its borders, and getting aggressive with those closest to it."

Mr. Moo-hyun went on to say; "It has been this way ever since they were ostracized from the international stage."

UN officials are advising nations who feel self-destructive to speak to allies or even counselors rather than taking drastic steps like North Korea.

Your faithfull scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Play with this awhile.

Simple, yet loads of fun!
Play with it a while to see all the different things you can do.




Thursday, October 12, 2006

California Dreamin

Yes, Californians are from a different Planet.
Take Palm Springs for example.
The homeless there don't just have grocery carts.
They have their own Golf Carts!

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This is not a fake!

This photo has not been retouched, it's the world's smallest horse!

The only problem is that it has a normal sized penis and every time the horse gets an erection it passes out from lack of blood!!!!!!!!!!1

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A one - and - a two!

This does not bode well for North American society where the majority of us are now obese!
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Overweight middle-aged adults tend to score more poorly on tests of memory, attention and learning ability than their thinner peers do, researchers reported Monday.

The findings, they say, suggest that a heavier weight in middle age may mean a higher risk of dementia later in life.

Reporting in the journal Neurology, the researchers speculate that higher rates of cardiovascular disease or diabetes might help explain the link. But it's also possible that substances produced by fat cells, such as the hormone leptin, have direct effects on the brain.

Brings to mind a quote from the movie "Animal House" where Dean Wormer says to Flounder; "Drunk, fat and stupid is no way to go through life son!"

Of course this was about the same time they came out with the phrase "Sex and drugs and rock and roll!" .............. Stupid me thought they were serious and I did my best to keep the faith!

Your exercise twice a day now scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

High times at the Intifada

I'm starting to believe that everybody on this planet is a hypocrite of the worst kind.

Bush and his government is selling the American public a pack of lies, the religious right in the States are a bunch of zealous reactionaries that are just as bad, if not worse, than the fundamentalist Islamists, and now I read a few Muslim blogs from the Middle East and get the straight dope on the Islamists.....literally!

We already know how Muslims forbid alcohol consumption, BUT, that doesn't stop the Taliban from being the largest suppliers of heroin in the world and Hizbulla is financing a lot of their arsenal by selling weed and hash.

Apparently they are growing weed all over Southern Lebanon and are even putting the Hizbulla seal on the hash they put out!

Lord love a duck!


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Monday, October 09, 2006

Words of wisdom.

Heard this today, thought I would pass it along!

"We have NO control over what life sends us."

"We have TOTAL control over how we respond to it!"

That's all folks!



Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ayn Rand Hypocrites

Over the last year or so I have been receiving newsletters from the Ayn Rand Institute and have found their commentaries to be quite informative and enlightening.

I must say I agree with most of what they had to say and held them in high regard.

All this has changed today as they suddenly revealed their true stripes and came out as prejudiced, hypocritical assholes.

I sent them an article about British Secretary Jack Straw and his treatment of Muslim women who came in to see him.(He made them take off their veils) and how this was an insult to not only the women but also their faith.

A Mr. Larry Benson sent a reply to this: Here is his answer word for word---- "Please stop sending me your Muslim-kissass bullshit!"

Just so you know!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 (what the church doesn't want you to know!) at; www.God-101.com
And the newsletter "Let's get things back into perspective here!" at Let's get things back into perspective here!

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Woman Marries Jesus

Lori Cannizzaro has "dedicated her life to Jesus" in a simple ceremony held in upstate New York yesterday. She stood at the altar in a white gown and veil but there was no man at her side. Instead she took her vows and became a "consecrated virgin!"

The rite is only available to virgins who agree to abstain from sex so that they can dedicate their lives to Jesus in what the church described as a mystical marraige and a profound spiritual blessing.

Each woman (200 in the U.S.) wears a type of wedding band on their left ring finger as a symbol of their commitment.

The idea of consecrated virgins faded in the Middle Ages, but Pope Paul V1 restored the rite in 1970.

"There are people who think I'm nuts," Cannizzaro said. None the less, she said she has plenty of support from family and friends. "It is a good and holy thing to want to be in a virginal state," she said. "Dating wasn't working. I wasn't connecting."

Uh..........O.K. I guess!


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