Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dumbledore is queer!!!

Harry Potter fans, the rumors are true: Albus Dumbledore, master wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts, is gay.

J.K. Rowling, author of the mega-selling fantasy series that ended last summer, outed the beloved character Friday night while appearing before a full house at Carnegie Hall.

After reading briefly from the final book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," she took questions from audience members.

She was asked by one young fan whether Dumbledore finds "true love."

"Dumbledore is gay," the author responded to gasps and applause.

The ace "Perspective" research staff has uncovered a rumor (just a rumor...not proven!) that several students of Hogwart's Academy are reportedly preparing a class action suite against Dumbledore on molestation charges.

"Let's get things back into perspective here" is trying to contact J.K. Rowling to put an end to this vicious gossip, but has had no luck so far.

Personally I cant' bring myself to believe these allegations, but we will do our best to clear it up!

If proven correct however, then it would also lend credence to the rumor that Harry Potter has been in therapy for years!

Your "hush, hush and on the Q.T." scribe;
Allan W Janssen

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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Europe has a real problem with Islam!

Guest post from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Shelley Emling

Amsterdam, the Netherlands — Ehsan Jami sees himself as the legendary Dutch boy who used his finger to plug a leaking dike.

Jami, a Dutch politician, is trying to prevent a flood of what he views as intolerant Muslim immigrants threatening to overrun the Netherlands and all of Europe.

He’s not alone. In France, Germany and across Western Europe, a vigorous public debate is under way over preservation of national identities, the assimilation of minorities and tolerance of different cultures.

Why Europeans say enough is enough. The so-called ‘religion of peace’ shows its true face.

The Quran calls for ‘holy war’ against those who reject Mohammed. Hence true Muslims are unable to integrate in the West.

A former Muslim who was born in Iran, Jami is a right-wing member of the Dutch parliament who has used his position to issue strong criticism of Islam. He’s especially critical of “radical” Muslims but he also takes issue with Islam’s treatment of women and homosexuals.

The harsh rhetoric has made him the most talked-about public figure in Holland and provoked physical attacks and death threats, forcing him into hiding. “I don’t mind if people are Muslim, but I do mind when their values go against Western values,” Jami said in a recent interview, under the watchful eye of his bodyguards. “We have to be very clear with Muslim immigrants that we will not negotiate our values.”

The Netherlands has one of the largest populations of Muslims in Western Europe — about 1 million, roughly 6 percent of the population, second only to France.

The largest groups are people with origins in Morocco or Turkey. (And Turkey wants to join the European Union? ............ it ain't gonna happen folks! -Ed.)

The country has long taken pride in its religious, political and social tolerance, as well as its acceptance of ethnic minorities. And many in the Netherlands’ new coalition government boast a pro-immigrant stance.

BUT, the threats of terrorism and sheer demographics are challenging traditional Dutch open-mindedness. Studies estimate that Muslims will form the majorities in the Netherlands’ four biggest cities by 2020.

By its very nature, Islam makes it extremely difficult for Muslims to integrate.

Islam means submission, and the Quran makes it clear that Muslims expect non-Muslims to submit to Islam. Western values are not compatible with Islam. As a result, many Muslims form ghettos and engage in other forms of non-integration.

Hair-tricker sensitivities that have Muslim extremists respond to real or perceived insults with death threats, violent demonstrations, murder and terrorism, make it difficult or even impossible for non-Muslims to believe the claim that Islam is a ‘religion of peace.’

Therefore a high birthrate among Muslims, combined with high (legal and illegal) immigration figures, have Europeans and others worried about the Muslims in their midst.

Research resources on Islam and on Islamic Extremism “I’ve lived here for 40 years and I still don’t feel welcome,” said Atel Alireza, a taxi driver from Turkey. “But I would say things have gotten a lot worse since 9/11. “People around here look at you more suspiciously then they used to,” he said. “People look at all Muslims like they are about to do something bad.”

The tensions have spawned legislative proposals to ban the Quran, make it illegal for women to wear burkas in public and create more legal options for closing mosques known to be hotbeds of radicalism.

So far none of the proposals has gained traction. And Jami’s Dutch Labor Party has distanced itself from Jami and his statements on Islam.

But immigration and Islam are issues that have held sway in Dutch politics particularly since 2002, when the right-wing anti-immigrant populist Pim Fortuyn was assassinated.

The debate intensified in November 2004 after the murder of Theo van Gogh, a filmmaker who had made a movie called “Submission” that featured a beaten, naked Muslim woman covered in writings from the Quran.

The killer was a young radical Islamist. In retaliation, some Muslim schools and places of worship were torched.

Tensions also have been exacerbated by the plight of Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Dutch member of parliament who has criticized the repression of women in Muslim culture.

She was given special security protection in 2004 and was forced to flee to the United States after receiving death threats. She recently returned to the Netherlands.

Marcel Maussen, an expert on immigration at the Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies in Amsterdam, said there’s been an “overfocus” on Muslims in the Netherlands ever since the murders of Fortuyn and van Gogh.

Gregory Maniatis, an expert on immigrant integration issues at the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., said the coalition government formed earlier this year has signaled it will take a softer approach to immigration than the previous government.

For example, Maniatis pointed to the amnesty for illegal immigrants approved in June by the Dutch government that will benefit up to 30,000 people.

“I think this is a sign that they’re moving from a fortress Europe mentality to a more pro-immigrant sentiment,” he said. “There is still a backdrop of outspokenness that exists in the Netherlands. But they are realizing that immigration is an important part of Europe’s future.”

Even Jami, who says he gave up Islam after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, doesn’t paint all Muslims with the same brush.

He said there is only a small group of Muslims — perhaps 20,000 to 30,000 — that he’d call “radical.” He said he has nothing against moderate Muslims who adapt to Dutch values.

“What I’m against is the creation of special rules for the Muslims,” he said.

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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Afghan Women against Sharia Law!

O.K. kids, time to stop with the playful kidding around for a bit. I got this comment direct from Afghanistan and I am pleased to learn there are groups like this springing up.

It's a comment on the piece I did last week on the Bedouin guy in Israel who had eight wives and 60 or 70 kids. (No one seems to know for sure!) Not everyone reads the comments section so I want to draw attention to this group here and urge you to support them in any way possible.

Muslims Against Sharia said...
Muslims Against Sharia condemn treatment of women by the State of Israel. Government-sanctioned polygamy is unbecoming of a country that claims to be the only true Democracy in the Middle East. We call on Israeli Knesset to immediately enact a law prohibiting married men to marry more women. No civilized society of the 21st century can permit this medieval practice. No civilized society treat its women as less than human beings.
You see? It's not just the Arab States that condone Sharia Law. I replied!

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comments and will pass them along as best I can.

I believe outside pressure can help people in situations such as yours and I will promote it any way I can.

Would you believe there were some very misguided politicians here in Ontario that actually toyed with the idea of introducing Sharia Law over here for Muslim women.

That is until the everyday people slapped them and brought them back to reality.
If you want to read more on the treatment of women in Arab society go to my book at www.God-101.com . The chapter on Islam addresses this and other issues that are keeping the Arabs culturally stuck in the twelfth century.

Here is the web site of "Reform Islam" which had the blog "Women against Sharia! Click H E R E

If you want to send an e-mail to these people the address is: info@reformislam.org /

It's also nice to see that these ladies have a sense of humour. Any Muslim men that want to send a death threat can do so at the special e-mail address: die@reformislam.org

Also, here is a web site that accurately analyses events in the Middle East called The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) and can be found H E R E

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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50 Ways to Help the Environment!

In theory, most of us would like to help the environment, preserve the world’s natural beauty, and generally make this planet a better place to live.

In practice, we don’t necessarily have the time or energy to get involved in major projects, join Greenpeace, protest the corporate polluters, or make sweeping lifestyle changes.

We want to help, but with all that’s going on in our lives, it gets put on the back burner. But playing your part to help the environment doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or sweeping. You can help out in little ways, making gradual changes, taking baby steps.

Starting today.

Yes, you can do some of these tips today. You can probably do a dozen today, if you put an effort into it. But all you have to do is one of these tips. Just one.

You may already do some of these. If so, pat yourself on the back. Now choose another, and get started! You don’t have to tackle the entire list — it’s just a bunch of ideas to get you started. To show you how easy it can be to make small changes and help the environment.

Pick one, and start today.

-Take a shorter shower. If you take long showers, consider cutting it short by a few minutes. You’ll conserve water, and the electricity needed to heat up the water, lowering your utility bills and reducing your energy consumption at the same time.

-Use a rag or hand towel instead of napkins or paper towels. Reusing items instead of using disposable items is almost always a better thing for the environment. Reduce the need to cut down trees, the power needed to turn them into napkins, and the space in the landfill once you throw them away.

-Don’t "print" at least once a day at the office. Instead of automatically hitting the “print” button, think of whether you really need a hardcopy of that document. Can you email it instead? File it on your computer instead of your file cabinet? Read it on the computer instead of on paper? You don’t have to eliminate printing entirely, but holding off on that “print” button once in awhile could greatly reduce your paper consumption.

-Carpool once this week. Have a friend or family member or co-worker who makes roughly the same commute as you? Try riding together at least once. It save on fuel consumption, cuts your fuel spending, reduces greenhouse emissions, and you can get a good conversation at the same time.

-Turn off the TV for an hour. Reduce your energy consumption and get outside and play a sport. Or garden. Or just take a walk. You get healthy and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings.

-Turn off the lights. If you leave a room, even for a little while, turn off the lights. You don’t need it, and it’s wasting energy.

-Use a coffee mug instead of disposable. If you routinely use disposable cups at work or on the road, use a ceramic coffee cup or a travel mug, reducing the amount of trash you throw away.

-Use CFC light bulbs. If your light bulb burns out, replace it with a Compact Fluorescent bulb (those spiral-looking ones). They’re more expensive, but if you just replace them one at a time, it doesn’t cost much, and the energy savings is great. And as they last longer, over the long run, you’ll save money.

-Skip the foil and plastic wrap. Use reusable plastic food containers to store leftovers or other food in the fridge and cabinets, instead of disposable material.

-Inflate your tires. Many people don’t realize that their tires are under-inflated. Check the recommended pressure for your tires, and fill them up to that pressure. It only takes a few minutes, but it will save you on fuel consumption (a little) and more importantly, make your tires last longer and reduce the rubber that’s worn off your tires.

-Clean up. If you go to the beach or a park, leave it cleaner than when you got there. Pick up some cans and other trash that were there when you arrived. Takes a couple minutes, and makes the world a nicer place to live in.

-Talk to your kids about the environment. Just a 5-minute conversation every now and then about fuel consumption, greenhouse emissions, wasting food and trash, energy consumption, preserving habitats … this can help educate your children about the issues that will be affecting them tomorrow. And an educated population will do more to help the environment than anything else.

-Reuse printed paper. If you have non-sensitive documents that have been printed out, but are no longer needed, try marking the printed side, and using the clean side for non-official printing. In fact, if you can get your office to do this, you’ll save tons of paper a year.

-Turn down your water heater. Most people have their water heater’s thermostat turned up too high, wasting energy. Turn it down to 130 degrees, saving energy but still hot enough to kill bacteria.

-Plant a tree. (Or marijuana) It really doesn’t take much time, and over time more trees in your community can make a difference. Do a few every year, and encourage others to do the same.

-Hang out your clothes. If it’s a nice sunny day, hanging clothes only takes a few minutes, and you’re using solar power instead of electricity to do the job. It also makes your clothes last longer.

-Buy a manual reel mower or electric mower. If you’re looking for a new lawn mower, and you have a small yard, consider getting a manual one. They’re much advanced from the reel mowers of our grandparents’ generation, much quieter, cheaper, and they save on fuel and pollution. Electric mowers are also quieter and use much less energy.

-Get a low-flow shower head. Stop at the hardware store on your way home, and get a low-flow shower head. Takes a few minutes to install, and it’ll save gallons of water a day.

-Lower your thermostats. If you use heating, get by with less heat and wear warmer clothes. If you use air-conditioning, get by with less cooling and wear cooler clothes.

-Participate in, or organize a clean-up. Sure, this’ll take a little more of your time, but if you don’t have much to do on the weekends, this can be tremendously fun and fulfilling. Clean up a beach, a street, a park, a lake or a river.

-Avoid fast food. Instead, eat at home or at a sit-down restaurant. Fast food restaurants are one of the worst polluters of the environment, both in the massive amounts of beef they must raise, in the wasted packaging, and in the energy they use in so many ways. And they’re tremendously unhealthy.

-Use acryllic paint. Oil-based paints are toxic and create a lot of pollution during manufacturing. Instead, if you’re going to buy paint, buy acryllic.

-Coat your roof. This’ll take up an afternoon, but you only have to do it once every few years. And it’ll save you a lot of money and energy in heating and cooling over the long-term, more than making up for the cost of paint.

-Clean your filters. Clean the filters of your air-conditioners once a month to improve energy efficiency. While you’re at it, change your car’s filters as recommended in your manual.

-Telecommute. I know, sounds great, where do I sign up? But if you talk to your employer about even a limited telecommuting schedule, you can save a lot of fuel and time, and be more productive at the same time. Just be sure to get a lot more done at home than you do at work to make your case for an expanded telecommuting schedule down the road.

-Wash clothes in cold water. Hot water is unnecessary for most clothes. When needed, use warm water.

-Fill your toilet tank. Put a plastic bottle or two, filled with water and rocks, in your tank to reduce the amount of water used in each flush.

-Buy recycled products. As much as possible, get the recycled version of products you buy.

-Recycle. Sure, it’s a regular practice in some places, with curb-side pickup of recycled waste. But in other places, there’s no such thing. Instead, create a few containers for paper, plastic and aluminum waste in your home or office. When it’s full, drop it off at a local recycling center (look in your phone book) on your errands day.

-Buy a smaller car. You won’t be able to do this today, probably, but the next time you’re in the market for an automobile, get a smaller and energy-efficient car rather than a big, lumbering one. It’s one of the best things you can do to reduce your fuel consumption.

-Buy a smaller home. The next time you’re home-shopping, instead of buying the McMansion, look for a smaller home that’s big enough to meet your needs comfortably. Reducing the amount of stuff you own is a good way to need less house. It’s cheaper, and requires less energy to heat and cool. And easier to clean at the same time.

-Look around for energy efficiency. When you’re looking to buy appliances, be sure to research the most energy-efficient ones. They may cost a little more, but they’ll more than make up for that in the long run with lower energy bills.

-Water grass early in the morning. Reduces the amount of water you need to keep your grass looking fabulous.

-Plant shade trees near your house. It’ll take awhile before they can make a difference, but shade trees greatly reduce the need to cool a home.

-Use rechargeable batteries. Instead of throwing your batteries away all the time, reuse rechargeable batteries. Costs a little more, but cheaper in the long run.

-Buy used. Instead of buying new clothing, furniture, cars, whatever, look to buy used instead. You can get them for cheaper, and still get quality — all the while reducing the need to produce more stuff.

-Walk instead of drive. You don’t have to do this all the time, but walking the short trip to a store, or to lunch from work, or some other short trip like that, can reduce the amount of fuel you use over the long term, and you shed some fat at the same time. Or at least burn off that morning donut.

-Unplug appliances. If you don’t use an appliance several times a day, it’s better to unplug it, as they often use energy even when turned off

-Unload your car. Remove excess weight from your car (such as stuff that might be in the trunk) to reduce the amount of fuel you use.

-Try cycling. Biking to work or around town can be a great way to get in some exercise and save fuel.

-Install a water filter. If you buy a lot of bottled water, use your tap instead. Some places need a filter to make tap water taste drinkable, but they don’t cost much and they can save money, water, and plastic bottles over time.

-Use cloth shopping bags. Don’t cost much, and can save a lot of paper or plastic.

-Mend your stuff. Try not to throw stuff away and buy new stuff if the old stuff can be fixed. Torn clothing? Takes a few minutes to sew up.

-Compost. It’s not hard to set one up (look it up online), and you can save a lot of waste from the landfill and help your garden at the same time.

-Try mass transit. Millions of people use it, and it saves tons of fuel. If you don’t already, give it a try.

-Buy in bulk. Reduces the need for packaging, and costs less.

-Buy durable. Look for long-lasting, well-made products instead of cheap, disposable ones. Use less disposable plates, cups, utensils. Use cloth diapers instead of disposable.

-Use your oven less. The oven not only uses a lot of energy, it heats up your kitchen, requiring more cooling. Instead, use toaster ovens, crockpots, microwaves, and electric grills when you can. And when you do use your oven, open it less — you lose 25% of the heat every time you open the oven door.

-Join a local organization. Just about every community has one or more environmental organizations. It’s not hard to sign up, and when you have the time, you can volunteer for things that will clean up your community and make it a nicer place to live.

-To conserve heat on those cold winter nights, make sure you sleep with someone!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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And for the rest of us!

If you are amongst the few of us who are not confused in any way then please read this!

That'll fix ya up!


1. A day without sunshine is like night.

2. On the other hand, you have different fingers.

3. 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.

4. 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name.

5. Remember, half the people you know are below average.

6. He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

7. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

8. The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap.

9. Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.

10. A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

11. Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.

12. If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments.

13. How many of you believe in psycho-kinesis? Raise my hand.

14. OK, so what's the speed of dark?

15. When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

16. Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now.

17. How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?

18. Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines

19. What happens if you get scared half to death, twice?

20. Why do psychics have to ask you for your name?

21. Inside every older person is a younger person wondering, "What the hell happened?"

22. Just remember -- if the world didn't suck, we would all fall off.

23. Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

24. Life isn't like a box of chocolates. It's more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today, might burn your butt tomorrow.

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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Saturday Morning Confusion - Taxes

For anyone confused by taxes on this Saturday morning a brief explanation sent along by my Friend Wayne should clear things up.

Enjoy this. It's the best explanation I have read on taxes and tax cuts.

It was written by a Professor of Economics, University of Georgia


Sometimes politicians, journalists and others exclaim;

"It's just a tax cut for the rich!" and it is just accepted to be fact.

But what does that Really mean?

In case you are not completely clear on this issue, I hope the following helps.

Please read it carefully.

Let's put tax cuts in terms everyone can understand. Suppose that every day, ten men go out for dinner and the bill for all ten comes to $100.
If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this:

The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing.
The fifth would pay $1.
The sixth would pay $3.
The seventh would pay $7.
The eighth would pay $12.
The ninth would pay $18.
The tenth man (the richest) would pay $59.
So, that's what they decided to do.

The ten men ate dinner in the restaurant every day and seemed quite happy with the arrangement, until one day the owner threw them a curve. "Since you are all such good customers," he said, "I'm going to reduce the cost of your daily meal by $20."

Dinner for the ten now cost just $80.

The group still wanted to pay their bill the way we pay our taxes so the first four men were unaffected. They would still eat for free. But what about the other six men - the paying customers?

How could they divide the $20 windfall so that everyone would get his fair share?'

They realized that $20 divided by six is $3.33. But if they subtracted that from everybody's share, then the fifth man and the sixth man would each end up being paid to eat their meal. So, the restaurant owner suggested that it would be fair to reduce each man's bill by roughly the same amount, and he proceeded to work out the amounts each should pay.

And so:

The fifth man, like the first four, now paid nothing (100% savings).
The sixth now paid $2 instead of $3 (33% savings).
The seventh now pay $5 instead of $7 (28% savings).
The eighth now paid $9 instead of $12 (25% savings).
The ninth now paid $14 instead of $18 (22% savings).
The tenth now paid $49 instead of $59 (16% savings).

Each of the six was better off than before. And the first four continued to eat for free.
But once outside the restaurant, the men began to compare their savings.
"I only got a dollar out of the $20," declared the sixth man. He pointed to the tenth man," but he got $10!"
"Yeah, that's right," exclaimed the fifth man. "I only saved a dollar too. It's unfair that he got ten times more than me!"
"That's true!!" shouted the seventh man. "Why should he get $10 back when I got only two? The wealthy get all the breaks!"
"Wait a minute," yelled the first four men in unison.
"We didn't get anything at all. The system exploits the poor!"
The nine men surrounded the tenth and beat him up.

The next night the tenth man didn't show up for dinner, so the nine sat down and ate without him.
But when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered something important.
They didn't have enough money between all of them for even half of the bill!

And that, boys and girls, journalists and college professors, is how our tax system works.

The people who pay the highest taxes get the most benefit from a tax reduction.

Tax them too much, attack them for being wealthy, and they just may not show up anymore.

In fact, they might start eating overseas where the atmosphere is somewhat friendlier.

David R. Kamerschen, Ph..D
Professor of Economics
University of Georgia

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Alert for women! This is what guys are all about!

I remember, all those many years ago, when my mother was trying to set me up with a "girl," to get married to, it would have been this "Fraulein," or someone exactly like her.
Instead, after a few tries, I found the woman of my dreams who was at least as good looking, smart, sharp, full of life, and nice! We have spent many great years together.

Now, where we men get into trouble is that no matter how great a life/wife we have, we are never satisfied. Being the eternal optimist, male, and Pisces dreamer, I look at this picture and still go: "Hmmmm?"

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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Trying to fool GOD

- A man walks into a restaurant. He then proceeds to blow himself up because he is surrounded by "non-believers" who deserve to die. With his last breath he shouts; "Allah Akbar" (God is great).... because he thinks his act has pleased God.

- Two armies clash in a battle to determine who will do Gods work. One side shouts "God willing, we will prevail" while the other side kills with a conviction that they are doing God's will as well! Insha'Allah (God willing!)

- How many modern Christians still believe in their hearts that God would have them slavishly and literally follow the metaphors and cautionary tales that were written in the Bible by mere mortals trying to tell us what God really wanted. One can only imagine what Jews and Muslims must think of ritual-laden Catholics or Anglicans or rattlesnake-handling Babtist fundamentalists. They must think that these Christian fools are only deceiving themselves!

- A couple let's their 8 year old daughter die for want of a blood transfusion even though there is no word about this at all in the bible.

Should I go on? The point we are trying to make here is that the habit of humans trying to convince others that they know the mind of God, is arrogance of the highest degree. To think that any one of us has the inside poop what the wishes of a Supeme Being are, or even if that Being has any wishes about us at all is shear human folly!

Remember, if you want to go Biblical, then let me remind you that "Pride" is the greatest of all the sins! To assume that any of us has a handle in what God wants, does, says, is, or will be, is almost beyond belief.

No, let me clarify that, it IS beyond belief.

I imagine that for us to know the mind of God would be about the same as a lowly ant trying to figure out what humans are all about. There is no common ground at all in which any sort of a comparison can be drawn.

They are so far removed from each other that they might as well be in different dimension.

With the term "Omnipotent and Omniscient" applied to God, then that would put us human beings in about the same position as the ants in the previous comparison.

And I'll we damned if I'm going to let some ant tell me how to live my life!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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Help Stamp Out!

Violent Radical Islam is not the only problem around the world as this example from Holland shows.

Judges should be given more scope to prohibit, as an additional penalty, radical Imams from exercising their profession.

Minister Guusje ter Horst (home affairs) wrote this in a letter to parliament on Thursday.

In the letter she sets out activities to reduce the influence of the growing number of non-violent radical Muslims. These are followers of Salafism, an ultra orthodox ideology that is both anti-western, anti-democratic and anti-progressive.

Under the current law this is now only possible when Imams disseminate inflammatory documents or incite hatred.

The government also wants to prohibit individuals from exercising their profession in the case of provocation, offending a group of people on the basis of their race, religion or sexual tendency and incitement to hatred, discrimination or violence.

The government will send a proposal to the Council of State for advice.

This would be a good example to follow here in North America but should not just target one group, but rather be wide reaching in its quest to stamp out extremists, raicals and assholes.

Here is one of the best examples, it's a southern U.S.group headed by Pastor Fred Phelps and is called the WESTBORO BABTIST CHURCH.

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pope John Paul II.

A photo taken of a bonfire by a young Polish construction worker is creating a stir for the resemblance of the flames to a silhouette of Poland's beloved son, Pope John Paul II.

Well I gotta tell ya Uri, that I took a shit yesterday and it looked just like my next door neighbor Bill. So there ya go!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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“It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.”

- Rene Descartes

A person’s IQ was thought to be a fixed commodity largely determined by genetics. But is your IQ really set in stone or can you cheat a few extra points? Recent hints suggest that a very basic brain function called working memory might underlie our general intelligence, opening up the intriguing possibility that if you improve your working memory, you could boost your IQ too.

Genetics determines a lot and so does the early gestation period. On top of that, there is a few percent that can be improved by training. So if what you want is results, and not an argument about the definition of intelligence, try some of the following tips and boost your brain power.

1. Game on

Turn on your PC. Modern games are great for making your mind work at amazing speeds. It gives your brain a chance to think strategically, and keeps it working.

2. Spin it

If you want to be a da Vinci or Edison, keep a sketch diary. Imagine seeing an object from every angle and sketch the views afterwards. Thinking in pictures is essential for complex reasoning.

3. Buy the paper

While browsing through the sports pages, take a peek at the crossword. It’s a perfect exercise for sharpening your mind. Puzzles with creative solutions exercise and extend your dendrites — the branch-like parts of nerve cells that carry information and promote processing.

4. Have a sniff

Certain fragrances help you think clearly and cut down on mistakes. Lemon scents stimulate your hippocampus, the brain region that controls your ability to concentrate; lavender helps you relax and think more clearly; jasmine has the ability to excite, resulting in quicker thinking.

5. Turn on

A recent study in the UK found that watching The Weakest Link for 30 minutes can raise your IQ by six points. A documentary produced a four-point rise; Friends a rise of one point.

6. Deep Breath

This is one of the easiest and most effective tip to improve the functioning of your brain immediately. More air in means more oxygen in the blood and therefore in the brain. Low oxygen levels in the blood have been shown to decrease it. Since most of us are in the habit of breathing too shallowly, this is a quick way to boost your IQ. One hint: if you breath through your nose, you are more likely to breath deeply.

7. Daydream

Letting your brain run free is the best way of truly expanding your brain power. Every day, consciously defocus for 10 minutes, and see where it takes you.

8. Detox

To make sure you’re thinking clearly, avoid caffeine — just one cup can cause a sharp rise in feelings of anxiety, US scientists have found. And like smoking, caffeine also prevents the absorption of key vitamins essential for optimum brain function. Replace coffee or tea with water and if you smoke, don’t.

9. Multi-task

Performing two tasks simultaneously provides you with invaluable brain tools. Put a TV next to a radio and try to take in information from both, then try to concentrate on each individually. You’ll find you can focus on any single problem much better.

10. Sit up straight, and close your mouth

Good posture affects our state of mind, and helps us to think more clearly. Wanna prove it to yourself? Try solving some math in your head while slouching, looking at the floor and letting your mouth hang open. Then do the mental math while sitting up straight, keeping your mouth closed and looking forward or slightly upwards. You’ll get the point.

11. Stretch yourself

Think of two unconnected objects… a frog and a moped, say… and try to think of as many links between them as you can. This breaks down the critical ability that interferes with the flow of ideas.

12. And… relax

Simply relaxing increases your ability to learn. In tests, systematically flexing every muscle for 30 minutes boosted subjects’ ability to solve puzzles by up to 25 percent.

13. Spell it out

Facing a problem? Write it down and draw lines radiating out to words and ideas linked to each one. Your mind will be able to visualize an answer far more easily.

14. Make connections

To grow longer dendrites, do something new. Try learning a new language or developing a skill such as drawing, and you’ll see instant changes in how you think.

15. Step it up

Aerobic fitness helps fluid intelligence (learning new things), frontal lobes (planning ahead) and your ability to make rapid-fire decisions. Go for at least three 30-minute cardio sessions a week.

16. Get dreaming

You knew this one, right? Uninterrupted sleep is key to information-processing. Avoid caffeine six hours before bed and relax with a hot bath and a milky drink (packed with sleep-inducing tryptophans).

17. Take a stroll

A recent study found that just 45 minutes of walking three times a week increased subjects’ ability to perform multiple tasks by up to 15 percent, improving bloodflow to the frontal lobes of the brain.

18. Watch the clock

Use your brain when it’s at its sharpest — early in the morning. Research shows that taking tests before midday boosts success rates by up to five percent.

19. Consume ginkgo biloba

Whether in capsules or tea or off a neighbors tree, ginkgo leaves have been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, helping memory and concentration. The effect is quick, and doesn’t seem to diminish with regular use.

20. Graze

To give your brain a steady supply of energy and minerals, eat little and often. Eating large meals shunts blood to your digestive tract, away from your brain.

21. Go classical

In a US study, listening to a Mozart piano sonata improved students’ 3-D problem solving abilities (as opposed to verbal or language skills) by 15 percent. Aim for 10 minutes of Classic FM a day.

22. Practice

IQ tests are just one form of measuring intelligence, so if you’re really trying to impress, the answer is simply to practice again and again and again.

23. Eat your meat

A meal that’s overloaded with carbohydrates can spell trouble for the brain. In a Harvard study, people who ate pure carbohydrates had up to twice the difficulty concentrating and performing mental tasks as those who’d eaten turkey, which is practically carb-free. This is due to the insulin that is dumped into your veins after the sugar is. Don’t eat white flour, sugar, potatoes, and other carbs before an important meeting.

24. Freshen up

Chewing gum improves memory and thinking, UK researchers have found. Chewing raises your heart rate, delivering more oxygen and glucose to the brain, while saliva triggers a surge of insulin, stimulating learning and memory receptors in the brain.

25. Make friends

Preferably ones with large amounts of frizzy grey hair. Recent research showed that hanging out with boffins can boost your IQ by up to 10 percent.

26. Go herbal

Plants naturally encourage your brain and body to work together. Rosemary increases bloodflow to the brain and sage improves concentration.

27. Head for the bees

To boost your brain power look for vitamin B, found in oats, tuna, chicken, wholewheat and bananas. Vitamin B6 aids memory, while 1, 2, 3 and 12 help manufacture and repair brain tissue.

Let the “experts” argue about whether you can boost IQ or not, in any absolute sense. If you slept well, exercised, then sat up straight and breathed deeply as you took the test, don’t you think you would score a few points higher on an intelligence quotient test? More importantly, wouldn’t you be better prepared for whatever mental tasks you faced?

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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Up Shit Creek!

This reminds me of my wife's favorite saying; "Never buy food from a place that also sells bait!"

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French president and Wife Divorce!

O.K. kids, pay attention................ this was a headline in a North American publication.

French president and wife divorce.

The couple's public appearances together have grown rarer. French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife of 11 years, Cecilia, have divorced "by mutual consent", according to a statement from the Elysee Palace.

Now I don't know about you bunky, but why would a (nameless for their sake) North American news source give a shit about a story like this.

If they had been caught in a bondage and bestiality trip with a horse and a midget ........ maybe!

But Divorce, give me a break.

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Real Estate Prices Nuts!

Sold in April and refurbished this summer, Toronto’s smallest house is on the market again!

Built in 1912 and occupied for twenty years by Toronto contractor Arthur Weedan and his wife, the baby bungalow was originally intended to be a driveway.

Located at St. Clair and Dufferin, this little piece of prime real estate sold earlier this spring for a whopping $139,000. Given its spatial challenges—and its price tag—the 300-square foot house is a microcosmic representation of the Toronto real estate market.

Over the summer, the house got a fetching facelift—a new kitchen and appliances, stone entrance, Murphy bed, and two satellite dishes—and is now back on the market for $179,900.

Toronto has the same problem most other major world cities have and that is absolutely crazy real estate prices during the last ten years. Don't think these prices are sustainable, they will crash sooner rather than later.

Here in London Ontario, just 200 km away you could buy a house like that for $132.00!!

(That's one hundred and thirty two........ period. That is if you could find something that small here, which you can't!!)

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Mona Lisa

In an attempt to keep our readers constantly informed, entertained and enlightened the "Perspective" research staff has uncovered some interesting facts about Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Mona Lisa.

The "Mona Lisa" has long been shrouded in mystery, including one long-standing question about the famous lady: What happened to her eyebrows and eyelashes?

This week a French engineer and inventor examined the famous painting with a camera of his own design. Now, he says he's uncovered part of the enigma.

Pascal Cotte examined the world's most famous painting and his device scanned a 240-million pixel image using 13 light spectrums, including ultra-violet and infrared.

Cotte announced at a press conference Wednesday that he has found definitive proof that when Leonardo da Vinci painted the original portrait he included "Mona Lisa's" lashes and brows.

The resulting ultra-high resolution photograph of 150,000 dots per inch yielded a reproduction of the "Mona Lisa's" face magnified 24 times. And there Cotte found the evidence he sought -- a single brushstroke of a single hair above the left brow.

"One day I say, if I can find only one hair, only one hair of the eyebrow, I will have definitively the proof that originally Leonardo da Vinci had painted eyelash and eyebrow," said Cotte.
Meanwhile another of the enigma's about the Mona Lisa has been solved. The smile was the result of the discovery of long lost papers that revealed her agent had just gotten her a three picture deal!

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Dalai Lama and Cousin met with Bush.

U.S. President George W. Bush presented the Dalai Lama on Wednesday with the U.S. Congress' highest civilian honour and urged Chinese leaders to welcome the monk to Beijing.

The exiled spiritual head of Tibet's Buddhists by his side, Bush praised a man he called a "universal symbol of peace and tolerance, a shepherd of the faithful and a keeper of the flame for his people."

"Americans cannot look to the plight of the religiously oppressed and close our eyes or turn away," Bush said at the U.S. Capitol building, where he personally handed the Dalai Lama the prestigious Congressional Gold Medal.

The Dalai Lama, along with his Spanish cousin Fernando, attended the ceremony at a Congressional party and then attended a private party at the White House.

The only blight on the festivities was when the Dalai Lama's octogenarian cousin Fernando Lama was caught trying to sneak a couple of strippers into the White House party. Said the Dalai; "You have to excuse Fernando, he always was the black sheep of the family!"

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Music Industry in turmoil!

Two developments this week suggest that the recording industry is finally taking baby steps in the direction of a genuinely competitive online music market, but the progress continues to be painfully slow.

First, Apple is cutting prices on DRM-free music in an apparent bid to stay competitive with Amazon's launch of a DRM-free music store last month.

This is a particularly interesting development because just last year, the talk was about whether Apple would increase prices on iTunes songs. But now it's looking like further price cuts are more likely to be in the cards.

Even Amazon's 89 cent price point is still a lot more expensive than eMusic, which charges around 33 cents per song.

Meanwhile, Napster has unveiled a new web-based version of its music store that appears to allow people to listen to their music in their web browsers, including non-Windows PCs.

The new Napster will also make it easier for you to embed your favorite music YouTube-style on other websites. Those are great new features, but it appears that the service will still require people to use Microsoft's comically-named (and increasingly irrelevant) PlaysForSure platform if they want to listen to their music on a mobile device, which is quite a handicap in an iPod-dominated market.

It's becoming increasingly clear that the recording industry shot itself in the foot when it sued MP3.com into bankruptcy in 2000. Many of the "new" features sites like Amazon and Napster are touting today—web-based access, DRM-free files—are just warmed-over versions of the functionality consumers could get from MP3.com almost a decade ago.

Imagine how much more vibrant the online music market would be today if the labels had treated sites like MP3.com as a potential revenue source rather than a competitive threat.

Today also marks the debut of Radiohead's latest album, "In Rainbows," but you won't find it in record stores or on iTunes. Without the help of a major music label, the band is promoting and releasing the album over the Web, DRM-free—and/or for whatever price that fans are willing to pay.

Other groups are taking notice. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails announced on Monday that he's ditching his label, Universal Music, and many suspect that NiN will follow the lead of Radiohead (whose contract with EMI expired in 2003) and self-distribute its next album over the Net.

Meanwhille, Crave reports that two other notable (and unsigned) bands—Oasis and Jamiroquai—might give away their music on the Web, and Techdirt adds solo artist Will.i.am (of The Black Eyed Peas) to the list.

So, what's going on here?

How can musicians survive by giving their tunes away for free? One word: merchandise. Radiohead is essentially using the Web to turn the traditional music business model on its head—the music will (theoretically, at least) drive the sales of merchandise (such as T-shirts, posters, and boxed sets, such as the $80 LP and CD "discboxes" for sale on Radiohead's Web site) and concert tickets, rather than the other way around.

File sharing is encouraged (so bye-bye, DRM), while the big music labels are left out in the cold. As Will.a.am of The Black Eyed Peas said (as quoted by Techdirt), "the new distributor is your niece."

Also in the latest seismic shift to rock the music industry, pop superstar Madonna is close to leaving Warner Music Group Corp.'s (WMG) Warner Bros. Records for a virtually unprecedented $120 million deal with concert promotion giant Live Nation Inc. (LYV), according to people familiar with the deal.

The 10-year pact with Beverly Hills-based Live Nation would give Madonna a rich mix of cash and stock in exchange for the rights to sell three studio albums, promote concert tours, sell merchandise and license her name.

It's the type of sweeping deal that record labels have sought, since they can no longer expect to thrive on music sales alone in a world in which CD sales are collapsing quickly and sales of digital downloads are not yet making up the difference.

The fact that a concert promoter like Live Nation landed the deal rather than a traditional record label like Warner Music is a sign of how quickly the landscape is shifting in the cratering music industry.

Traditionally, acts like Madonna would release their recordings through a major record label and then make separate deals for touring and merchandising with other companies.

Now, however, all the players in the music business - labels, concert promoters and even managers and ticketing companies - are eager to make broad deals that give them a piece of the whole pie by participating in revenue streams such as endorsement deals between artists and advertisers, as well as the sales of concert ticket and merchandise.

Your "hum me a tune" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Stephen Colbert announces his candidacy for president.

Stephen Colbert announced his candidacy for president on "The Colbert Report" on Tuesday night, tossing his satirical hat into the ring of an already crowded race.

Well let me tell you folks, if Steverooni can run for president then I am going to run for King.

Stay tuned!

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Superbug on the loose!

More and more Americans get potentially deadly infections each year from a drug-resistant staph "superbug," the government reported Tuesday in its first overall estimate of invasive disease caused by the germ.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus can be carried by healthy people, living on the skin or in their noses. This and C. Defficile have reached almost epidemic proportions over the last few years.

Deaths tied to these infections may eventually exceed those caused by AIDS, said one public health expert commenting on the new study. The report shows just how far one form of the staph germ has spread beyond its traditional hospital setting.

Believe me, I know what they are talking about, I almost lost my wife to these 'superbugs' last spring when she was in the hospital.

The overall incidence rate was about 32 invasive infections per 100,000 people. That's an "astounding" figure, said an editorial in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association, which published the study.

Most drug-resistant staph cases are mild skin infections. But this study focused on invasive infections -- those that enter the bloodstream or destroy flesh and can turn deadly.

Researchers found that only about one-quarter involved hospitalized patients.

However, more than half were in the health care system -- people who had recently had surgery or were on kidney dialysis, for example. Open wounds and exposure to medical equipment are major ways the bug spreads.

In recent years, the resistant germ has become more common in hospitals and it has been spreading through prisons, gyms and locker rooms, and in poor urban neighborhoods.

The new study offers the broadest look yet at the pervasiveness of the most severe infections caused by the bug, called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. These bacteria can be carried by healthy people, living on their skin or in their noses.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises:

-Keep your hands clean by washing thoroughly with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand cleaner.

-Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered with a bandage until healed.

-Avoid contact with other people's wounds or bandages.

-Avoid sharing personal items such as towels or razors.

An invasive form of the disease is being blamed for the death Monday of a 17-year-old Virginia high school senior. Doctors said the germ had spread to his kidneys, liver, lungs and muscles around his heart.

The researchers' estimates are extrapolated from 2005 surveillance data from nine mostly urban regions considered representative of the country. There were 5,287 invasive infections reported that year in people living in those regions, which would translate to an estimated 94,360 cases nationally, the researchers said.

Most cases were life-threatening bloodstream infections. However, about 10 percent involved so-called flesh-eating disease, according to the study led by researchers at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There were 988 reported deaths among infected people in the study, for a rate of 6.3 per 100,000. That would translate to 18,650 deaths annually, although the researchers don't know if MRSA was the cause in all cases.

If these deaths all were related to staph infections, the total would exceed other better-known causes of death including AIDS _ which killed an estimated 17,011 Americans in 2005 -- said Dr. Elizabeth Bancroft of the Los Angeles County Health Department, the editorial author.

The results underscore the need for better prevention measures. That includes curbing the overuse of antibiotics and improving hand-washing and other hygiene procedures among hospital workers, said the CDC's Dr. Scott Fridkin, a study co-author.

Some hospitals have drastically cut infections by first isolating new patients until they are screened for MRSA.

The bacteria don't respond to penicillin-related antibiotics once commonly used to treat them, partly because of overuse. They can be treated with other drugs but health officials worry that their overuse could cause the germ to become resistant to those, too.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


EMEK HEFER, Israel - With eight wives and 67 children, Shahadeh Abu Arrar has given new meaning to the term "family man."

Abu Arrar, 58, is a member of Israel's impoverished Bedouin Arab community. But even in a traditional nomadic society where men commonly have several wives and many children, Abu Arrar is exceptional.

"I'm thinking about a new wife, No. 9," he told the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot in a recent interview. "There are many women who wish to marry me and there is no lack of women. I never had a problem with such things."

Abu Arrar, whose oldest child is 37, was photographed by the newspaper in a long Bedouin robe and head cover, surrounded by a dozen of so of his children.

During a visit to his multistorey home in central Israel, The Associated Press spotted 17 of the children milling about, dressed in bright red, blue and green-embroidered Palestinian dresses and headscarves. Four veiled women, including two who said they were his wives, sat on the porch peeling vegetables.

While Islam allows Muslim men to have four co-wives, it is a custom in Bedouin society to flout the already-generous ruling - and an Israeli ban on polygamy - by marrying women one at a time, divorcing them and marrying others, experts on Bedouin culture said.

Culturally, it's understood that the renounced wives are still married to Abu Arrar, the experts said.

It's unclear how Abu Arrar supports his massive family. Camels, goats and a cow were grazing on his property. Yediot said he also receives about $1,700 in government handouts each month.

According to the Israeli Interior Ministry, Abu Arrar has 53 children registered as Israeli citizens. He has 14 other children born to Palestinian wives in the West Bank and who are not eligible for Israeli citizenship, his other wives said.

Abu Arrar claims to remember all his children's names, and says they are split almost evenly between boys and girls. And he's still going strong.

"My first wife is my age, and today I hardly spend any time with her. Her children are big, and I leave her alone. I have younger wives to spend time with. Every night I decide which wife to be with," Abu Arrar told the newspaper.

Activists said Abu Arrar's story showed the urgency of raising literacy and education among Bedouin women. Many are pressured into marriage or feel they have no other options beside raising children, said Khadra al-Sani, director of Sidra, a Bedouin women's rights group.

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The long and winding road!

Nice Jugs

Nice Jugs, that's a good one!

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Bite on this!

I don't know if it means a whole lot, but I just read a report that says because of the financial drain on Britain's health care system a lot of Brits are pulling their own teeth. .................... ouch!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Morning Funnies #55

A married couple was on holiday in Jamaica. They were touring around the marketplace looking at the goods and such when they passed this small sandal shop. From inside they heard the shopkeeper with a Jamaican accent say, 'You foreigners! Come in. Come into my humble shop!'

So they walked in, and the Jamaican said, 'I have some special sandals I tink you would be interested in... Dey make you wild at sex.

'The wife got really interested in buying the sandals, but the husband felt he really didn't need them, being the sex god he was. The husband asked the shopkeeper, 'How could sandals make you into a sex freak?

'The Jamaican replied, 'Just try dem on, Mon. You doan haff to do nutting cept try dem on.

'So the husband, after some badgering from his wife, finally gave in, and tried them on. As soon as he slipped them onto his feet, he got this wild look in his eyes, something his wife hadn't seen in many years!

In the blink of an eye, the husband grabbed the Jamaican, bent him violently over a table, yanked down his pants, ripped down his own pants, and grabbed a firm hold of the Jamaican's hips.

The Jamaican then began screaming, 'You got dem on da wrong feet! Mon, you got dem on da wrong feet!'...


A man meets a gorgeous woman in a bar. They talk, they connect, they end up leaving together.

They get back to her place, and as she shows him around her apartment, he notices that her bedroom is completely packed with teddy bears. Hundreds of small bears on a shelf all the way along the floor, medium sized ones on a shelf a little higher and huge bears on the top shelf along the wall.

The man is kind of surprised that this woman would have a collection of teddy bears, especially one that's so extensive, but he decides not to mention this to her.

After a night of passion, as they are lying together in the after glow the man rolls over and asks, smiling, "Well, how was it?"

The woman says:




"You can have any prize from the bottom shelf."

That joke brought home the fact that a man can walk into a bar and say to himself; "Who do I have a chance of sleeping with tonight."

A woman can walk into the same bar and say with certainty; "Who am I going to let come home with me tonight!"

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com and the blog "Perspective" at http://God-101.blogspot.com

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