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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday Morning Confusion! Or, Digg THIS!

Now kids, this week I'm REALLY confused!

Your humble author has written pieces that are rather UNCOMPLIMENTARY about:

Islamic terrorists, Christian Fundamentalists, the A.C.L.U., Arab Chauvinism, Politicians, Barney, Jews, Hindu's, Barbie and Ken, Peoples Fundamental Beliefs, American Society, Canadian Society etc., George W Bush and his Administration, Beauty pageants, mental illness, missionaries, child porn, Chipmunks, those fucking Indians, alien abductions and the people who believe in them, religious values, atheists, Christmas, Church, Creationists, drunks, ethnic distinction, farting, the Flying Nun, foreigners, immigration, insurance companies, Jehovah's Witnesses, lesbians, masturbation, Michael Jackson, The Military, minorities, Muslim Culture and Multi-Culturalism, misogynists, the Post Office, Blacks, Chinese, Polaks, Waps, Krauts, Chinks and white trash, lots of stuff about Kim Jong-ill and North Korea, O.J. Simpson, Palestinians, Southern States, The Bible, cops, Women's rights, self-abuse and male pattern baldness.

In other words there is not too much that hasn't been tackled on these pages whenever something outrages my sensibilities. After all this is a crazy world we live in and somebody has to challenge the nuts once in a while.

The purpose behind this is that out of all the people and groups that have been "dissed" in the last year on these pages, not one of them has ever seriously complained except for one!!!!

I wrote a piece on gays and pedophiles a few days ago (click here) and submitted it to a few other publications including DIGG.COM.

Now in all fairness I must admit that the title was a bit HARSH, (Hang the Bastards) but I have since changed this and a few comments in the article itself.

But, the point is, that out of all the stories I have written in the last year this is the only one that has caused outrage amongst a group or organization.

There have been no threats from terrorists, no nasty letters from Fundamentalist, (except of course a few hints that I'm going to HELL) no disclaimers or denials from politicians or The Military Industrial Complex and no arguments from Aliens trying to explain why they abduct people.

No, none of this happened boys and girls. The only group that raised a stink is either the gay community or the pedophiles I wrote about.

For my pains in mentioning that gays have a disproportionate influence on the media and the fashion industry and that pedophiles are complaining about being unfairly victimized, (as opposed to their victims) there was a torrent of backlash to DIGG.VOM about my article..... to the point where I have been temporarily banned from submitting anything else.

That the "Politically Correct" and special interest groups can have this much influence in a society that espouses free speech is a crime and that DIGG.COM caved in to them is even worse.

Remember Bunky, this is not a University classroom or left leaning debate group.

This is the real world and if you don't like something........ TOUGH! After all, the motto here isn't "We piss off everybody at one time or another" for nothing!

Your "Pissed" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

P.S. Write to Digg and complain.... remember, just because FREE SPEECH is free, doesn't mean it's easy!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com

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Friday, August 03, 2007

What to do? What to do?

It's last call and she is sitting by herself at the end of the bar. What to do? What to do? PRESS HERE!

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Hubris Without Bounds!

One of my main beefs with mainstream religion is the Hubris (insolence, arrogance, wanton or contemptuous pride) that they displayed throughout their history. The Catholic Church put up these monstrosities while 99.9% of the population was living in abject poverty and squalor.
The Bishop slept here while John Doe slept in a mud hut, or worse!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com

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Still More Ways to Bug a Cat!

Here is another in our continuing series on "How to bug a cat............!"
Your faithful scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Asshole of the Year!

This award and a smelly piece of shit comes a day early because I just found out about this guy.

Jack McClellan is a self-professed pedophile from Seattle.

Unlike convicted sex offenders, who are required to stay away from places that cater to children, in this case the police can do next to nothing, because this man, Jack McClellan, who has had Web sites detailing how and where he likes to troll for children, appears to be doing nothing illegal.

But his mere presence in Los Angeles, where he moved to a few months ago, coupled with Mr. McClellan’s commitment to exhibitionistic blogging about his thoughts on little girls — has set parents on edge.

One group of mothers, whose members by and large have never met before, will soon band together in a coffee shop to hammer out plans to push lawmakers in Sacramento to legislate Mr. McClellan out of business.

“Just the idea that this person could get away with what he was doing and no one could press charges has made me angry,” said Jane Thompson, a stay-at-home mother in East Los Angeles who recently read Mr. McClellan’s comments about a festival in her neighborhood in which he seemed to be describing her child.

Ms. Thompson is part of a movement to make it illegal to post images of children of any type on Web sites with sexual content or themes.

“It became what I call a minor obsession of mine for the next six weeks,” she said, “to get to know his crowd and the things they talk about.”
Two months ago, Mr. McClellan said, he was more or less run out of Washington State where he lived off and on with his parents.

Seems the news media there and various Web sites drew attention to his activities, making him worry about his safety and that of his family.

He had been posting nonsexual pictures of children on a Web site intended to promote the acceptance of pedophiles, and to direct other pedophiles to events and places where children tended to gather.

So he moved to Los Angeles, where he was born, to try to live a Southern California version of his former life.

The climate was one draw, said Mr. McClellan in an interview near this reporter’s office last week. But also “there are so many world-class children’s attractions here, Disneyland, festivals and whatnot.”

Mr. McClellan has refrained from posting pictures of children on his Web site, which was shut down by its host several weeks ago but which he intends to start again, he said, with a Dutch host. On the site, he has described fairs, festivals and other spots that he hits at least three days a week, all to the fury of parents.

It is both his actions and inactions that vex law enforcement officials here, who, while suggesting that they keep an eye on Mr. McClellan when they can, say they have no legal recourse against him.

“If you look at things he has posted, he clearly is a pedophile,” said Lt. Thomas Sirkel, who works in the Special Victim’s Unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“Has he acted on it? I can’t say,” Lieutenant Sirkel said. “But I’ve been in this business for 20 years, and I have never seen one who has not.”
Mr. McClellan, who is 45, refers to himself as a pedophile, but says he has never actually sexually touched a child, simply “embraced them in a nonsexual way, mostly in Latin American countries.”

He says he has never been convicted of a sex crime, and law enforcement officials in Los Angeles say they know of no convictions.

A check of available public records yielded no criminal history for Mr. McClellan, including under another name he said he used. Mr. McClellan, who said he was adopted, said he changed his name to that of his birth mother several years ago.

Lieutenant Sirkel would not say whether his department had Mr. McClellan under surveillance.

“Why should I tell him about our tactics?” Lieutenant Sirkel said. But he added: “I’d like to know where he is at, what he is doing and watch him awhile. I think he is possibly a dangerous man.

In my opinion, he is a threat to children in this community, and people in the community are real concerned about him.”
Here is an interview McClellan did with Fox News.

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Interesting blog.

I ran across an interesting site today called the Abstract Factory and I like what this guy writes.

Here is a small example;

If you're a creationist or IDiot, and you're suddenly possessed by the urge to comment on evolution, please don't bother. I know what you're going to say. When I was an undergrad, I read talk.origins for a while, and I have seen every single creationist argument under the sun. I spent many an hour watching people knowledgeable about evolution debating creationists: patiently debunking the same tired arguments over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, responding in good faith to arguments that were clearly disingenuous, dumbing down their writing style to a second-grade level so that creationists could understand (and even then creationists wouldn't understand), and even copying and pasting from FAQs because creationists were too lazy to open up URLs in their web browser. All to no avail.

So, you may think you're going to blow me away with your amazing show of rhetoric, but believe me, I have seen it before, and you're wrong. The thing that you're about to write is not only wrong, but transparently, stupidly, embarrassingly wrong, so wrong that it makes me wince inwardly with shame at the fact that you're a member of the same human race that I am. What you're about to write is evidence that you haven't bothered to read the FAQs, or comprehended a single book on evolutionary biology that's not written by one of your crackpot creationist pseudo-intellectuals. So don't bother writing what you're going to write. Just go away.

I put a link to the site over on the left side and if you feel in need of a little intellectual stimulation now and then give it a try!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com


And Stay Out!

Click to enlarge!
Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God at www.God-101.com

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Spy vs Spy.

I put a couple of tracking and measuring devices on this site out of idle curiosity about who is reading the articles.

Over the last few weeks I noticed that someone from a Government agency in Virginia keeps visiting the site and looking at a large number of pages.

I guess it's either a government employee with way too much time on their hands, or someone is trying to find out the secret code that is embedded in the articles.

After all we do talk about Muslims and terrorists and right wing Fundamentalists and hard line Conservatives and Native unrest and Dean Martin and abortion and religion in all its forms and the war in Iraq and homosexuals and Britney Spears and people from Iowa and child molesters and Christian beliefs and Dwarf tossing and conspiracy theories and what's politically correct and the Ten Commandments and al-Jezeera and al-Qaeda and Arabs and Alien abductions and Fox News and that subversive George Carlin and Barbarella and North Korea And Godzilla and intelligent design and Jehova's Witnesses and World affairs and the Devil you know and how President Bush is leading us down the garden path, and that reminds me we also have "Asshole of the Week," every week, and .... well, should I go on or do you get the picture?

So, if someone is trying to find out the secret messages hidden in these pages;

Good luck!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 at www.God-101.com

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You can run, but you can"t hide!

The next time someone tells you that spy agencies can read the license plate of your car from satellites............ believe them! Here is a picture of Victoria Falls under medium magnification.Under greater magnification, this scene of a farm yard was shot a few seconds later!
Although they won't admit it, they can zoom in even closer than this!!!!

Your "smile for the birdie" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Now that ain't right!

I think it's about time to mention a rather delicate subject again.

I remember back in the 1970's when a Toronto shoe shine boy named Emanuel Jacques was raped and killed by a group of 4 pedophiles. What made the crime all the more horrendous was a report about a pedophiles magazine that actively promoted homosexual relations between men and young boys.

Get this, the title of the offending article was; "Men loving boys loving men," and the response of the gay community in Toronto was "Well, what's the matter with that!" (As if pretending it was within societal norms gave it a veneer of respectability.)

The latest shemozzle, (is that a word?) and the reason I went on this rant today is a report out of Montreal that got me up to high "doe" again! (As in doe, re, me!)

Montreal police are investigating a website that recommends pedophiles attend the city's popular children's summer festival to watch little girls.

The website bills itself as a place to "celebrate the splendor of watching little girls," said a spokesman!

The site gives the festival a five-heart rating, describing it as an event where "there are always plenty of little girls."

"Be sure to watch carefully," the site reads, warning that the festival is "mainly for family, so a single GL [girl lover] on his own might be slightly suspicious."

The listing also provides a link to the City of Montreal's website, which promotes the festival.
Officials with the city said they contacted police as soon as they found out about the link.

Police investigators said they'd already been tipped off about the site and wanted to reassure parents that the festival will be safe.

"I understand parents who could be stressed with that, but on the other hand, I'm telling you, there's nothing to be stressed about," said Montreal police spokesman Ian Lafrenière. "We'll be present. The organization is aware of that and we'll do everything possible to find out what was the intention of those people."
The site says it was influenced by Jack McClellan, a self-identified U.S. pedophile who is notorious for creating websites about "little girl watching." It also lists family-oriented events in California.

These kinds of websites are all too common, said Earla-Kim McCall, an RCMP officer in charge of the National Child Exploitation Co-ordination Centre in Ottawa.

"People interested in these websites are people sexually interested in children," she told CBC.ca. "Prior to the Internet, anyone who had an inclination to be sexually attracted to a child was very isolated and alone, and perhaps would not act on those urges.

"The Internet has allowed them the opportunity to validate their feelings, connect with other like-minded individuals, learn grooming techniques and gain the confidence perhaps to act out. That is what makes it so frightening for parents."
The site explicitly states it does not encourage direct contact with children, but that doesn't mean the web page is legal, McCall said.

"The [Canadian] Criminal Code indicates that if you have any written material that advocates sexual activity, then it's criminal," she said. "Where that line is drawn depends entirely upon the information we come across and whether or not it would support a prosecution."

The site is linked to a web page based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which makes policing it here difficult, McCall added.

But there are ways for authorities to block some sites, as has been done by the Canadian Coalition Against Internet Child Exploitation, a group of Internet service providers (ISP) and police forces.

Your "hang'em high" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Survey Says; Or, Inquiring minds want to know..... WHY?

Your humble scribe has taken great pains and effort to conduct a survey on the top 25 reasons that we engage in sex, and after crunching all the numbers and getting slapped and threatened quite a few times. we came up with this list!!!

Top 25 reasons why men and women have sex:

1. I was attracted to the person
2. I wanted to experience the physical pleasure
3. It feels good
4. I wanted to show my affection to the person
5. I wanted to express my love for the person
6. I was sexually aroused and wanted the release
7. I was ‘‘horny’’
8. It’s fun
9. I realized I was in love
10. I was ‘‘in the heat of the moment’’
11. I wanted to please my partner
12. I desired emotional closeness
13. I wanted the pure pleasure
14. I wanted to achieve an orgasm
15. It’s exciting, adventurous
16. I wanted to feel connected to the person
17. The person’s physical appearance turned me on
18. It was a romantic setting
20. The person made me feel sexy
21. The person caressed me
22. It seemed like the natural next step in my relationship
23. I wanted to become one with another person
24. It just happened
25. I wanted to increase the emotional bond by having sex

Or, as they said in that old movie, Treasure of the Sierra Madre;
"Reasons? We don't need no stinkin' reasons!"

Your "hot as they come" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

(No pun intended!)

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Kim Jong-ill Arrested!

Fearless leader Kin Jong-ill of North Korea was caught after sneaking into South Korea yesterday so that he could spend a day at the beach in Seoul along with tens of thousands of other Koreans. Thinking he was safe amongst the large number of bathers on the beach (bottom right with white hat) North Korean agents caught up with him none-the-less and placed him under arrest.

Here he is shown with a couple of unidentified U.S. agents being led away for interrogation.

Neither the U.S. State Department nor South Korea has commented on Jong-ill's arrest but it's expected that he will claim "Diplomatic Immunity" and be released!

Your "Undercover" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Crazie Lefties!

Since I am either left handed or at best ambidextrous, this article caught my attention.

The gene that likely makes people left-handed may slightly raise the risk of developing psychotic mental illnesses, according to an international study.

Led by the Wellcome Trust for Human Genetics at the University of Oxford, the study involves a team of 40 scientists from 20 research centres across the world, and was published online Tuesday in the scientific journal Molecular Psychiatry.

"This is the first potential genetic influence on human handedness to be identified, and the first putative genetic effect on variability in human brain asymmetry," said an abstract on the study.

The scientists said that little is known about the gene LRRTM1, but they suspect that it modifies symmetry in the human brain.

Asymmetry is important, since the left side of the brain usually controls speech and language and the right side controls emotion. With left-handers this pattern is often reversed.

Personally, I wish to take exception to this finding because we all know that one side of your body is controlled by the opposite hemisphere of the brain.

This would seem to make right handed people operate out of the left side of their brain.......... which means they are not in their "right mind!"

So there!

Your "just the facts, ma'am" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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My Little Town.

If your town is anything like my town, the quality of the decisions made by your elected representatives leaves something to be desired. Oh, they get a lot right, but everyonce in a while they bow to some special interest group and royaly screw things up!

Here is a letter I had to send to our local paper this morning:


A Tale of Two Cities;

Once upon a time in a land far away, (Sarnia) there was a developer who wanted to build a nice high-rise condominium on the waterfront beside Centennial Park.

People who lived nowhere near the development got up in arms and claimed that the building would block their view of the river, even though they didn’t usually stand on that particular spot to begin with.

One brave soul (Me) went before City Council and suggested that if someone wanted a good view of the river from that section of Downtown, they should just move left or right about a hundred feet and then they could look at the scenery all they liked.

The nay-sayers won the day, the condominium wasn’t built, and for the next twenty-five years everyone had an ugly plywood wall (fence) filled with graffiti to look at instead of a nice new condominium.

Much the same might happen here in beautiful London. The Sifton property is not in the way of anything and doesn’t block anyone’s view of the park so what is the big deal. I think it would be a lovely building.

Of even greater consequence is blocking development of an $80 million dollar industrial park because some idiots at planning committee say “we have enough land.”

This is insane, the city made a grave mistake by screwing up the “Wonderland Gardens and Restaurant” thing and it looks as if history is about to repeat itself.

Your "concerned" scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Only in Mexico

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Schizophrenic Mice!

Scientists have genetically engineered mice that develop the physical and psychological characteristics of schizophrenia, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

That's just great, now when you get an infestation of mice the little bastards will run around all night chattering to themselves!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 at www.God-101.com

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Helplessly Hoping. Or, A Tale of Two Villages!

Helplessly Hoping is a song by Neil Young that begins with the line "There is a town in North Ontario," that for the purposes of our narration should be changed to "There is a desolate village in North Ontario!"

The Kashechewan reserve was formed in 1957 when Ottawa forcibly moved Cree hunters and their families to an isolated plain about 450 kilometres north of Timmins and near the coast of James Bay.

Kashechewan First Nation is one of two communities that were established from Old Fort Albany in the 1950s. The other community is Fort Albany First Nation which is now located on the southern bank of the Albany River seven miles away.

An isolated community, the nearest urban centre is Timmins and it is located approximately 300 miles south. The topography of Kashechewan is generally flat.

During the spring the water level rises 1 or 2 meters up the riverbank and often raises over the riverbank and floods the community.

Like many other First Nations in the area, there is still a lot of dependence on the land. Some families go out spring and fall camping for a month. Before the winter some elders go fur trapping, and they come back when it is safe to go on the river.

During the spring some people smoke geese and fish, and sometimes moose meat or caribou.

When they come back from camp they sell their meat. Sometimes they sell their crafts, like bead work, slippers, moccasins, and carving.

Just so we know exactly what we are dealing with here you have to imagine a village of about 2000 people set on the side of Hudson's/James Bay with no roads (except an ice road in winter) leading into it.

Unemployment hovers around 75% (That's three out of four, boys and girls!) while alcoholism and suicide run rampant through the community.

The community is 60% hooked up to water and sewage systems. Due to the deterioration of the old water treatment plant, a new one was constructed and it has been operational since March 1998. The plant supplies clean chlorinated water to the community.

Ontario Hydro no longer provides electrical power for the community.

Generators were located in Fort Albany and winter months frequently see blackouts, because the capacity of the three generators did not meet the needs of both communities. The generators were linked to the two communities by transmission lines approximately 7 kilometers in length.

Due to these problems, the First Nation lobbied for and received funding to establish their own generating station. In October 1997, a new diesel power plant was built and it is community owned by the Kashechewan Power Authority. As of December 16, 1997, three generators service the population. The administration (billing, meter reading, and maintenance) is under the direction of the Power Authority.

What few jobs are available are mostly government work and consist of the following.

-Kashechewan First Nation
21 employees
-Hishkoonikun Education Authority
94 employees
-Kashechewan Health Services
19 employees
-Power Plant Authority
6 employees
-Nimisuk Women’s Center
1 employee

Plus, this thriving [sic] business community:

-Northern Store
22 employees
-Bell Canada
1 employee
-Goodwin Video
Owned and operated by Sidney Goodwin
-Jacob’s Variety
Owned and operated by Jacob Williams
-J & M Pop & Video Shop
Owned and operated by Joseph Sackaney
-G & C Shop
Owned and operated by George Koosees Jr.
-L & M Meechisokamik
A restaurant owned by Maureen Metatawabin
-Angie’s Takeout
Owned and operated by Angela Wynne
-Sutherland Nepee
Water supply store owned by William Sutherland
-Wesley’s Taxi
Operated by Lileena Wesley
-Hughie’s Taxi
Owned and operated by Alex Hughie
-Kapiskau Wesley Goose Camp
Owned and operated by Silas Wesley
-Wynne’s Goose Camp
Owned and operated by Charlie Wynne
-Rectory Lodging
Owned and operated by St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

At the very best these businesses and Government agencies employ less than two hundred people and the only bright spot is that you can always get a cab because there are two, (count em', two) cab companies in town. (This is because nobody else has got a car and it's too difficult to walk when you're drunk.)

On top of all this, the main reason for this story is that the village floods just about every spring and the Government, in it's wisdom, is re-building a dyke and dam system with a temporary, emergency repair at a cost of 40 million dollars.

Rebecca Friday, a community member, said she and many other residents are confused about what lies ahead, and many residents were losing hope.

Kashechewan residents continue to languish in overcrowded houses surrounded by a faulty protective flood wall, she told the Canadian Press, and "the people are still experiencing rashes" from the water that comes out of their taps.

So, there you have it! Unless you're real good at hunting, fishing or drinking there ain't too much to do up there!

And the winters are a BITCH!

BUT! The Federal Government, (in its wisdom) has come up with a plan folks! Yes sir!

1. Is it going to move the whole town 300 miles south to Timmins where there are at least some jobs, clean water, a working infrastructure, amenities, bars and best of all CIVILIZATION! ...................... Ahh, NO!

After all it would cost 200 million dollars and that works out to abut 100,000 bucks for each buck, squaw and kid.

2. O.K. then. Are they going to PLAN "B" the so-called Site 5 plan to move the reserve to an entirely new location on higher land, which would have cost an estimated $500 million. (That's half a mil. for each wayward soul!) Ahhhhh.... NO, way too expensive!

Like all good Governments they are going to do what makes absolutely no sense and could even be considered plain fucking stupid! (Surprise!)

They are going to take that 200 million that could have relocated everyone to Timmins (and wiped out all the problems in one fell swoop) and make a $200-million investment "over the next five to seven years" to reinforce a dike, as well as build better drainage systems to protect low-lying areas from spring flooding.

Oh, I know there were some that didn't want to leave their ancestral homeland but let's face it, when there is nothin' happenin', up there it's time to MOVE, bucko's!

Get down to where things are on the go and jobs aren't as scarce as the dwindling stock of game and wildlife. Get in a place where your kids can go to good schools and have prospects for a future other than hunting, fishing and drinking.

As for the rest of you who want to stay on the land and live in the middle of nowhere............... STARVE!

Just because you want to live in those conditions does not mean we have an obligation to look after you!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 at www.God-101.com

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh My God!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 at www.God-101.com

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The Butterfly Effect!

The politically correct crowd and the environmentalists are really starting to get on my nerves.

Two stories here, one from far away and the other just down the road!

The European Commission is seeking a court order to prevent Poland re-starting work on a road through a protected wildlife area.

The road - which carries traffic from Warsaw to Helsinki - goes through the Rospuda Valley - a peat-bog area that is home to rare plants and animals.

Warsaw halted work for the bird-nesting season but plans to resume on 1 August.

It says environmental damage would be minimal, because the plan is for a viaduct not a road at ground level.

"The EU is asking the European Court of Justice to issue an injunction to prevent irreversible damage to a unique environmental site," said Barbara Helfferich, spokeswoman for Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas.

The Commission wants work suspended until the European Court decides whether the road - a 40km (25-mile) bypass around the town of Augustow - complies with strict EU environmental laws.

The town is crossed every day by some 4,500 heavy goods vehicles on their way to and from the Lithuanian border.

The British Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has complained the project puts at risk strongholds of lynx and wolf and "the most important European Union populations of two globally-threatened birds: the greater spotted eagle and aquatic warbler".

Commission officials say Poland could lose hundreds of millions of euros of funding for other stretches of the planned Via Baltica, from Warsaw to Helsinki, if it goes ahead with the Rospuda project.
We have a similar situation here in good old London, Ontario. There is a main north / south route called Adelaide Street that runs from the main highway in the south straight up to the far North part of the city.

Well maybe I should say that it almost runs straight up because there is a stretch in the middle of about 1/2 miles in length, that goes, (or DOESN'T go) through a valley and there is no road there.

It seems there were some endangered butterfly's and a wetland that was deemed environmentally sensitive so we now have thousands of cars that have to drive 5 miles out of their way in a detour so this "Eco-friendly valley" is not disturbed.

(By the way, they have been doing this detour for the last thirty years!!!!)

For the sake of a few butterfly's and birds, there has been a disruption through the centre of town that has cost us thousands and tens thousands of dollars over the years so I propose that someone go in there with a butterfly net and remove the offending creatures so that we can get on with things.

If that doesn't work, take a shotgun in there and blow the little bastards away.

That will solve the problem once and for all.............. environmentalists or not!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 at www.God-101.com

(As for the "politically correct" crowd ............. fuck you too!)

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Trippy Shit!

-Every second around 100 lightning bolts strike the Earth.

-Every year lightning kills 1000 people.

-If you could drive your car straight up you would arrive in space in just over an hour.

-The dinosaurs became extinct before the Rockies or the Alps were formed. (NOT 5-6 thousand years ago as some Creationists claim!)

-Female black widow spiders eat their males after mating. (I once had a girlfriend like that!)

-When a flea jumps, the rate of acceleration is 20 times that of the space shuttle during launch.

-If our Sun were just inch in diameter, the nearest star would be 445 miles away.

-Astronauts cannot belch – there is no gravity to separate liquid from gas in their stomachs.

-The thermometer was invented in 1607 by Galileo.

-Giraffes often sleep for only 20 minutes in any 24 hours. They may sleep up to 2 hours (in spurts – not all at once), but this is rare. They never lie down.

-There are 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body.

-On the day that Alexander Graham Bell was buried the entire US telephone system was shut down for 1 minute in tribute.

-Each person sheds 40lbs of skin in his or her lifetime.

-Wounds infested with maggots heal quickly and without spread of gangrene or other infection. (I don't know if I really needed this information!!!)

-More germs are transferred shaking hands than kissing.

-The deepest part of any ocean in the world is the Mariana trench in the Pacific with a depth of 35,797 feet so it's deeper down than Mt. Everest is high!
Just so you know!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 at www.God-101.com

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Letter from out West!

I don't know whether my sister read my blog yesterday or this just serendipitously arrived in the mail this morning.

Whatever the case, it sounds more like the sister I know, and bears repeating here!


If a dog was the teacher you would learn stuff like:

When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.

Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.

Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.

When it's in your best interest, practice obedience.!

Let others know when they've invaded your territory.

Take naps.

Stretch before rising.

Run, romp, and play daily.

Thrive on attention and let people touch you.

Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.

On warm days, stop to lie on your back in the grass.

On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.

When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body.

No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and pout;
run right back and make friends.

Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.

Eat with gusto and enthusiasm. Stop when you have had enough.

Be loyal. Never pretend to be something you're not.

If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.

When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently.



Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 at www.God-101.com

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Three Men in a Theological Tub!

O.K. kids, gather round. This is going to be like a Chinese dinner, you pick just one from either column A. - B. - or C. and that's what we judge you on!

Winner gets a nice prize and the losers are beaten with a wet noodle.

Now, it's not the Butcher the Baker or the Candlestick maker.

It's an Atheist, an Agnostic Kid and a full blown, educated, Creationist Asshole.

(Well, to be educated and still hold the views that he does, he can't be normal! Right?)

Guest Contributor: Penn Jillette
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Country: United States of America

Allan, there Is no God. Period.

I believe that there is no God. I'm beyond atheism. Atheism is not believing in God. Not believing in God is easy -- you can't prove a negative, so there's no work to do. You can't prove that there isn't an elephant inside the trunk of my car. You sure? How about now? Maybe he was just hiding before. Check again. Did I mention that my personal heartfelt definition of the word ''elephant'' includes mystery, order, goodness, love and a spare tire?

So, anyone with a love for truth outside of herself has to start with no belief in God and then look for evidence of God. She needs to search for some objective evidence of a supernatural power. All the people I write e-mails to often are still stuck at this searching stage. The atheism part is easy.

But, this ''This I Believe'' thing seems to demand something more personal, some leap of faith that helps one see life's big picture, some rules to live by. So, I'm saying, ''This I believe: I believe there is no God.''

Having taken that step, it informs every moment of my life. I'm not greedy. I have love, blue skies, rainbows and Hallmark cards, and that has to be enough. It has to be enough, but it's everything in the world and everything in the world is plenty for me. It seems just rude to beg the invisible for more. Just the love of my family that raised me and the family I'm raising now is enough that I don't need heaven. I won the huge genetic lottery and I get joy every day.

Believing there's no God means I can't really be forgiven except by kindness and faulty memories. That's good; it makes me want to be more thoughtful. I have to try to treat people right the first time around.

Believing there's no God stops me from being solipsistic. I can read ideas from all different people from all different cultures. Without God, we can agree on reality, and I can keep learning where I'm wrong. We can all keep adjusting, so we can really communicate. I don't travel in circles where people say, ''I have faith, I believe this in my heart and nothing you can say or do can shake my faith.'' That's just a long-winded religious way to say, ''shut up,'' or another two words that the FCC likes less. But all obscenity is less insulting than, ''How I was brought up and my imaginary friend means more to me than anything you can ever say or do.'' So, believing there is no God lets me be proven wrong and that's always fun. It means I'm learning something.

Believing there is no God means the suffering I've seen in my family, and indeed all the suffering in the world, isn't caused by an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent force that isn't bothered to help or is just testing us, but rather something we all may be able to help others with in the future. No God means the possibility of less suffering in the future.

Believing there is no God gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, sex, Jell-O and all the other things I can prove and that make this life the best life I will ever have.

Penn Jillette is the taller, louder half of the magic and comedy act Penn and Teller. He is a research fellow at the Cato Institute and has lectured at Oxford and MIT. Penn has co-authored three best-selling books and is executive producer of the documentary film, “The Aristocrats.”

Now I have to say that I respect Penn and Teller and also enjoy watching their T.V. show "Bullshit" but that doesn't mean I agree with him about the atheist part.

As I have said many times before I can't imagine a Universe this wondrous and majestic just appearing out of thin air so I have to go with a "First Cause!"

I must also admit that after that (First Cause) things do get sort of fuzzy!

Pretty smart for a kid, eh!

Walt Brown received a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he was a National Science Foundation Fellow.

He has taught college courses in physics, mathematics, and computer science. Brown is a retired full colonel (Air Force), West Point graduate, and former Army ranger and paratrooper.

Assignments during his 21 years in the military included: Director of Benet Research, Development, and Engineering Laboratories in Albany, New York; tenured associate professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy; and Chief of Science and Technology Studies at the Air War College.

For much of his life, Walt Brown was an evolutionist, but after many years of study, he became convinced of the scientific validity of creation and a global flood.

Since retiring from the military in 1980, Dr. Brown has been the Director of the Center for Scientific Creation and has worked full time in research, writing, and speaking on origins.

He lectures on such diverse topics as how the Great Flood carved out the Grand Canyon, why Evolution is a conspiracy by Darwinists and how Creation Science is the only true explanation for the origin of the universe.

As I said at the top, I cannot in any way shape or form understand how an educated man with a scientific background could be so far out in left field and still appear to be normal.

I don't know about you, but I would have to go with the kid in the middle from the T.V. show "Malcolm in the Middle!"

He makes the most sense to me! But then again, don't just take my word about anything you read here! I'm getting to the point where my mind not only wanders - sometimes it leaves completely!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 at www.God-101.com

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Men and Women - 101

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 at www.God-101.com

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Middle-Aged Crazy!

Although I didn't realize it at the time, my fifth decade on this planet was a rather turbulent time for not only myself but those around me.

Looking back in retrospect, my forties were a time of great upheaval. I not only changed careers, I changed wives, changed locations, changed outlooks, changed friends, changed my beliefs and changed my mind.

On top of this I drank too much and ran myself into the ground.

In other words; "My inner peace was MUCH to loud!"

If you had asked me about a "mid life crisis" I would have discounted the idea out of hand, but now I am not so sure! After all, a lot of the things I did were completely out of character and certainly not in my best interest.

Even though they seemed like a good idea at the time the quality of my decisions were certainly suspect!

Most men seem to go through this "mid life crisis" or "second childhood," just as the ladies are susceptible to "menopause" and "change of life," and it seems to be one of , if not the biggest, destroyer of relationships.

The reason I bring this up now is that we have been getting reports from out West that my sister (who is in her mid fifties) has been having troubles of her own.

She has suddenly taken an interest in some Swami, or Guru or whatever that holds seminars on peace love and la de da, while at the same time her personal life has become a volatile battleground leading to the breakup of her marraige!

At the moment she is not talking to her husband, or her son, and is prone to crying fits interspersed with fits of rage and bouts of depression.

(Her son had the audacity to suggest that maybe she was going through "menopause" and for this he was called a sexist little bastard, and is being held "incommunicado!")

I was thinking of going out to B.C. in the summer for a visit, but if things keep going the way they are I might just wait until everyone, including me, has settled peacefully into retirement and old age. It will be a lot quieter that way!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 at www.God-101.com

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