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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Just watching a National Geographic program on the chances of finding life on other planets.

I don't think we are asking the right question in this search. From the evidence of diverse life forms on this planet it seems likely that life itself is prevalent where-ever you might look for it.

We live on land and cannot venture into the sea but that doesn't stop living organisms from being omnipresent in any and all bodies of water.

We cannot live in environments that are too dis-similar from our own but there are creatures that live in the coldest arctic climates and around boiling hot water vents at the bottom of miles of ocean.

We have life up in the sky and under the soil. Where you would think that no life at all would be possible we have organisms that live miles underground in total darkness and live off solid rock.

No matter where you look on our planet we find that life is omnifarious. Even in the deep, cold reaches of space we have discovered that primitive life forms can survive, trapped for centuries or even millenia inside meteors and asteroids.

We do not even have to venture outside of our own small planet to see what various life forms can look like either. Compare the shape of a human against that of an elephant, osterich, chip-monk, whale, snake, sparrow, tree, flower, or fungus.

If you really want to see how bizzare an alien can look just cast your eyes on an octupus. That's about as strange as you could get in the most fantastic science-fiction movie yet it's not even an alien!

No my friend, the question is not; "will we find life on other planets," but rather; "will we find INTELLIGENT life on other planets!" That's a whole different ball game since I'm not even sure that there is intelligent life on THIS planet!

Your pessimistic scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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He did what!

I ran across an article today about (former) U.K. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw that I found to be quite amazing and disturbing.

It seems that Secretary Straw, when Muslim women were visiting his office, would ask them to remove their veils when talking to him.

Secretary Straw said that the veils inhibit communication, and as a cheap defense of his requests, he was quoted as saying: "I just find it uncomfortable to try and have a conversation with someone whose face I can't see!"

Without going into flights of conjecture about the real motives for this strange behaviour, let me just say this: "Secretary Straw showed the utmost disregard and insensitivity towards a specific group that I have seen in a long time!"

His insulting behaviour towards these women and their faith should not be condoned or excused. It doesn't matter what the Secretaries personal views were, he overstepped his bounds and his hubris justifiably led to outrage amongst the local Muslim population.

Actions of this nature do nothing to help open dialogue amongst memebers of different religious or ethnic groups and should not be condoned or left without comment.

Your scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Get with the program!

Got this by long-long distance today.

From: God
To: MY Children of Earth
Re: Idiotic Religious Rivalries

Dear Children;

I want to let you know about some of the things that are starting to tick GOD off.

First of all, your religious rivalries are driving GOD up a wall. Enough already!

Let’s get one thing straight: These are YOUR religions, not GOD's.

Every one of your religions claims there is only one GOD (which by the way, is absolutely true). But in the very next breath, each religion claims it’s GOD's favorite one. And each claims it’s scriptures were written personally by GOD, and that all the other scriptures are man-made. Oy Vey.

How does GOD even begin to put a stop to such complicated nonsense?

Okay, listen up now. GOD doesn’t play favorites among GOD's children. Also, GOD hates to break it to you, but GOD doesn’t write. ALL of your books, including those Bibles, were written by men and women. They were inspired, remarkable people, but they also made mistakes here and there.

GOD made sure of that so that you would never trust a written word more than your own living heart. You see, one human being to GOD, even a bum on the street, is worth more than all the Holy Books in the world. After all that old Sufi proverb hit it right on the head: "A donkey with a load of holy books is still just a donkey!"

God's Spirit is not a historical thing. It’s alive right here, right now, as fresh as your next breath. Holy books and religious rites are sacred and powerful, but not more so than the least of you. They were only meant to steer you in the right direction, not to keep you arguing with each other, and certainly not to keep you from trusting your own personal connection with GOD.

Which brings GOD to GOD's next point about your nonsense. You act like GOD needs you and your religions to stick up for GOD or “win souls” for GOD's sake. GOD doesn’t need you to defend GOD, and GOD doesn’t need constant credit. GOD just wants you to be good to each other. And another thing, GOD doesn’t get all worked up over money or politics, so stop dragging GOD's names into your dramas.

For example, GOD never threatened Oral Roberts. GOD never rode in any of Rajneesh’s Rolls Royces. GOD never told Pat Robertson to run for president, and GOD never, EVER had a conversation with Jim Baker, Jerry Falwell, or Jimmy Swaggart!

Of course, come Judgment Day, GOD certainly intends to........... never mind!

The thing is, GOD wants you to stop thinking of religion as some sort of loyalty pledge to GOD. The true purpose of your religions is so that YOU can become more aware of GOD, not the other way around. Believe GOD, GOD knows you already. GOD know what’s in each of your hearts, and GOD loves you with no strings attached.

Lighten up and enjoy GOD. That’s what religion is best for. What you seem to forget is how mysterious GOD is! You look at the petty differences in your scriptures and say, “Well, if THIS is the truth, then THAT can’t be!” Instead of trying to figure out GOD's paradoxes and unfathomable nature, which by the way you NEVER will, why not open your hearts to the simple common threads in all religions.

You know what GOD's talking about. Love and respect everyone. Be kind, even when life is scary or confusing. Take courage and be of good cheer, for GOD is always with you. Learn how to be quiet, so you can hear GOD's voice. (GOD doesn’t like to shout)

Leave the world a better place by living your life with dignity and gracefulness, for you are GOD's own Children. Hold back nothing from life, for the parts of you that can die surely will, and the parts that can’t - won’t.

So don’t worry, be happy. (GOD borrowed that last line from Bobby McFerrin.)

Simple stuff. Why do you keep making it so complicated? It’s like you’re always looking for an excuse to be upset. And GOD's very tired of being your main excuse.

Do you think GOD cares whether you call GOD.... Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Diana, Wakantonka, Brahma, Cerridwen, Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Brian or even the Void of Nirvana?

Do you think GOD cares which of GOD's special children you feel closest to, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Gerald, Mohammed or any of the others? You can call GOD and GOD's special ones any name you choose, if only you would go about GOD's business of loving one another as GOD loves you.

How can you keep neglecting something so simple? GOD's not telling you to abandon your religions. Enjoy your religions, honour them, learn from them, just as you should enjoy, honor, and learn from your parents. But, do you walk around telling everyone that your parents are better than theirs?

Your religion, like your parents, may always have the most special place in your hearts, GOD deson’t mind that at all. And GOD doesn’t want you to combine all the great traditions into "One Big Mess."

Each religion is unique for a reason. Each has a unique style so that people can find the best path for themselves. Know that GOD's special children, the ones that your religions revolve around, all live in the same place and they get along perfectly, GOD assures you.

The clergy must stop creating a myth of sibling rivalry where there is none.

GOD's blessed children of Earth, the world has grown too small for your pervasive religious bigotry and confusion. The whole planet is connected by air travel, satellite dishes, telephones, fax machines, rock concerts, diseases, and mutual needs and concerns. Get with the program!

If you really want to help, then commit yourselves to figuring out how to feed your hungry, clothe your naked, protect your abused, and shelter your poor. And just as importantly, make your own everyday life a shining example of kindness and good humor.

GOD's given you all the resources you need, if only you abandon your fear of each other and begin living, loving and laughing together.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, GOD.

Author Unknown:

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 (what the church doesn't want you to know!) at; www.God-101.com
And the petition to have people mind their own business instead of yours at; http://www.petitiononline.com/moses/petition.html

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't shake it more than twice!

Iran's Supreme Leader: Don't masturbate during Ramadan

On his blog, Sayyid Ali Khameini offers advice to the faithful about appropriate conduct during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Q: "If somebody masturbates during the month of Ramadan, but without any discharge, is his fasting invalidated?"

A: Iranian Supreme Leader: "If he do not intend masturbation and discharging semen and nothing is discharged, his fasting is correct even though he has done a ḥarām (forbidden) act.

But, if he intends masturbation or he knows that he usually discharges semen by this process and semen really comes out, it is a ḥaram - intentionally breaking fasting."

Meanwhile, Joe asks;
The Ramadan fast is only from sunrise to sunset. Does this mean it's OK after dark?

We are anxiously awaiting a reply, not only to the question of doing it in the dark but also the part about "intent!" ......... And, as a follow-up here are a few more thoughts from some other Muslim clerics on the subject of masturbation in general. ........ it is reported that Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal regarded semen as an excretion of the body like other excrete, and permitted its expulsion the same way blood letting is permitted. Ibn Hazm holds the same view.

However, the Hanbali jurists permit masturbation only under two conditions: first, the fear of committing fornication or adultery, and second, not having the means to marry.........if you find that you cannot relieve yourself except through masturbation, and you fear you may lapse in adultery if you do not masturbate, then the juristic rule which states that the lesser evil is to be suffered in order to fend off the major one.

Masturbation is deemed to be the lesser of two evils in this case!

At least with Islam you don't go blind or crazy!
Just so you know!

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Evolution "102"

This is why I really, really, hope we have evolved since the Monkeys.

Monkey see - Monkey do

Further proof;

Never smell your own butt!

And if you stil don't believe we came from monkeys you HAVE to see this guy. I couldn't belive my eyes when I watched this!!!!!!!

World's Greatest Acrobat!

Your scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Evolution "101"

O.K. O.K., let's solve this evolution-creation debate once and for all.

This is proof-positive that evolution works.

When I first met my brother-in-law Harry many years ago he was just your average run-of-the-mill idiot.

Now, over the years, he has evolved into a full scale asshole.

So there!

Allan W Janssen


Thursday, October 05, 2006

He who laughs last!

Q: What did a Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?
A: "Make me one with everything.”
The hot dog vendor prepares it and gives it to the monk.
The monk pays him and asks for the change.
The hot dog vendor says, "Change comes from within!"

I first got interested in religion when I was a young teenaged recruit
for Scientology in 1967. I quickly caught on that it was a scam. Then a few weeks later L. Ron Hubbard came to Toronto from his boat in the Caribbean. (Sea-Org)

I overheard him talking to one of the other guys about some new
tenants they were going to introduce to the faithful. The guy said, "Ron, we can't tell them that! It will never fly, these people aren't completely stupid you know!" To which Hubbard replied, "Let's just see how stupid they really are!"

Generally, the documents suggest that a major cause of mankind's problems began 75 million years ago, when the planet Earth, then called Teegeeach, was part of a confederation of 90 planets under the leadership of a tyrannical ruler named Xemu. Then, as now, the materials state, the chief problem was overpopulation.

Xemu decided to take radical measures to solve the overpopulation problem. Beings were captured on Earth and on other planets and flown to at least 10 volcanoes on Earth. The documents state that H-bombs far more powerful than any in existence today were dropped on the volcanoes, destroying the people but freeing their spirits, called ``thetans,'' which attached themselves to one another in clusters.

After the nuclear explosions, according to the documents, the thetans were trapped in a compound of frozen alcohol and glycol and then during the course of a 36-day period, Xemu "implanted" in them the seeds of aberrant behavior that would last for generations to come.

When people die, those clusters attach to other humans and keep perpetuating themselves. Before a Scientologist can learn about thetans and how to eradicate them, he must go through a progression of costly programs.
L.A. Times (As posted to alt.religion.scientology, Scientologists Scramble to Keep Secrets)

By the way - Hubbard might be dead...
But I'll bet he's still laughing his ass off!
Just so you know. ----Allan

It might sound a little bit incredible to say that people believe this shit but it goes to prove what I keep saying:
"Tell people something enough times, with enough conviction, and they will believe just about anything!

Your constantly amazed scribe:
Allan W Janssen

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wrong Again!

For God's sake don't go anywhere if you look the least bit like an Arab. Here's another story!
Seth Stein is used to jetting around the world to create stylish holiday homes for wealthy clients. This means the hip architect is familiar with the irritations of heightened airline security post-9/11.

But not even he could have imagined being mistaken for an Islamist terrorist and physically pinned to his seat while aboard an American Airlines flight - especially as he is Jewish.

Yet this is what happened when he travelled back from a business trip to the Turks and Caicos islands via New York on 22 May.

Still traumatised by his ordeal, the 47-year-old is furious that the airline failed to protect him from the gung-ho actions of an over-zealous passenger who claimed to be a police officer.

He has now instructed a team of top lawyers to act for him.

The London-based "interiors guru" said he felt compelled to speak out to protect other innocent travellers from a similar experience. "This man could have garrotted me and what was awful was that one or two of the passengers went up afterwards to thank him," said Mr Stein.

He has since been told by airline staff he was targeted because he was using an iPod, had used the toilet when he got on the plane..... and that his tan made him appear "Arab".

The incident highlights the increased likelihood of innocent passengers being picked on because they are perceived as "suspicious" or "foreign-looking."

Earlier this month, a plane from London to Washington DC made an emergency landing, escorted by fighters, after passengers alerted crew to the behaviour of a female traveller. It later emerged she had suffered a panic attack.

In August, two innocent Asian students were escorted off a flight from Malaga to Manchester because other passengers thought they were terrorists.

In Mr Stein's case, he was pounced on as the crew and other travellers looked on. As he settled down with a book and a ginger ale, the father-of-three was grabbed from behind and held in a head-lock. The drama unfolded less than an hour into the flight.

"This guy just told me his name was Michael Wilk, that he was with the New York Police Department, that I'd been acting suspiciously and should stay calm. I could barely find my voice and couldn't believe it was happening. He went into my pocket and took out my passport and my iPod. All the other passengers were looking concerned," said Mr. Stein.

In a twist to the story, Mr Stein has since discovered that there is only one Michael Wilk on the NYPD's official register of officers, but the man retired 25 years ago. Officials have told the architect that his assailant may work for another law enforcement agency but have refused to say which one.

Meanwhile, the phony police officer had already been asked to go back to his seat after the flight crew ran a security check on Mr. Stein and had cleared him.

When the plane arrived in New York, Mr Stein was met by apologetic police officers who offered to fast-track him out of the airport. Mr Stein said: "The other passengers looked and me and said, 'What did you do?' It was so humiliating. The fact is he [the supposed police officer] was told I was OK and should have left me alone."

American Airlines apologised to Mr Stein but withdrew an initial offer of $2,000 compensation on the grounds it would be an admission of liability. In a letter dated 30 May, the airline said it had done everything possible to try and protect Mr Stein.

On a personal note, I think the trouble caused by these cases of "mistaken identity" far, far outweigh any repurcussions from actual terrorist attacks, and this includes 9/11.

True, it was a great tragedy, but living in a constant state of fear, putting ridiculous restrictions on at the borders, (including fences) and adding another two hours to every individual plane flight (and that's just for starters) is far more disruptive to commerce and day to day living than any terrorist action.

As a matter of fact, this in itself could be construed as proof that the terrorists have won!

Your stay at home to avoid all the hassle scribe ;
Allan W Janssen

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Food for thought!


Turkish bath.

A few quick notes about this and that. They had a plane hijacking in Turkey today in which a group of men took over a plane and diverted it from it's original destination. When it landed it was found that the men had done it to protest the visit by the Pope to Turkey in November. (Remember, it was also a Turk that shot John Paul ll.)

Turkey's government/military wants to join the European Union and I personally don't think it's a very good idea.

Turkey is 95% in Asia and only 5% in Europe. Turkey is a Muslim state while Europe is predominately Christian. Turkey is a closet dictatorship while European States are Democracies. Turkey's cultural ties and mores are closely linked with the Middle East rather than European traditions........ need I go on!

Meanwhile in Jakarta, Indonesia there is a 100 year old "banyan" tree that is rumoured by the locals to have special "healing" powers. Local Muslim youths thought this reverence that people displayed for the tree was "idlo worship" and tried to chop the tree down before being stopped by police. (Need I remind you of the Taliban destroying historically significant Buddhist statues in their part of the world!)

In researching this piece I started to get into the situation in the Far East. Between the political corruption, busines corruption, radiacal Muslim groups and a whole list of other maladies, they have a hodge-podge of ill's that in some ways makes the Middle East seem tame by comparison.

Fortunately for us they are far enough away and don't affect us in North American and Europe the way the Middle East (and it's oil) does. From the little I have read about Indonesia and much of Oceania there could be one unholy mess there in the near future.

Your ever vigilant scribe;
Allan W Janssen

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The bright side of life!

To quote from the movie Once Upon a Time in America -
"Life is funnier than shit!"
(This quote makes sense in a perverse sort of way!)

Always look on the bright side of life



Dear Dr. Laura;

Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and I try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind him that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate.

I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the specific laws and how to best follow them.

a) When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord (Lev 1:9). The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

b) I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

c) I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness (Lev 15:19-24). The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

d) I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself?

e) A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an Abomination (Lev 11:10), it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this?

f) Lev 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here?

g) Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev 19:27. How should they die?

h) I know from Lev 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

i) My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev 19:1 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? (Lev 24:10-16) Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help.

Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging.

Your devoted disciple and adoring scribe.

Allan W Janssen

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Man “suspiciously” speaking a foreign language!

A 32-year-old man speaking Tamil and some English about a sporting rivalry was questioned at Sea-Tac Airport and missed his flight Saturday because at least one person thought he was suspicious.

The Port of Seattle dispatched its police officers to investigate the case, which occurred Saturday around noon, said Bob Parker, airport spokesman. The Chicago man was preparing to board an American Airlines flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The man was speaking Tamil, a language largely used in India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, on his cell phone at the departure gate and on the aircraft. An off-duty airline employee heard the conversation, became suspicious, and informed the flight crew.

Parker said the man was cooperative and boarded a later flight to Texas. He told officials that he would not speak in a foreign language on his cell phone at an airport in the future.

It's getting so nutso that I am surprised they didn't throw something like this into the story:
Detective Winston Smith said "We arrested him after a fellow passenger pointed out he was a man. That is exactly the same gender as all the 9-11 hijackers, most rapists and a majority of violent offenders.
This immediately made him suspect!.

And that's all I have to say about that!!!!!

Well O.K. I do have more to say! After all, what the hell can you do about this insanity without going on a rant.

I now pratice the same philosophy as the guy who went into the doctor and said; Doc, it hurts when I do THIS! To which the doctor said; "So don't do that!"

When I lived in Sarnia we went into Port Huron all the time for shopping, nightlife, etc. etc. Now, I just "don't do that!"

I fiqure that going into the States is a lot of unnecessary bother and pain, especially when they tighten up the border documentaion next year ..... so I just don't go and spend my money at home. So there!

Your frugal scribe;
Allan W Janssen

(Open letter to Dr. Laura Schlessinger)
*Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations.
A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?


Rest in Peace.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

The other shoe!!!!

With the ongoing controversy over remarks made by the Pope, some of the reasons for his observations are becoming more evident.

Barbara Amiel wrote an interesting article in Canada’s MacLean’s magazine over the weekend and I find her remarks are dead on target.

She talks about how Christianity is now a mild creed that was tamed over the last millennium by European Civilization, starting with two centuries of the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, European enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.

Unfortunately, while Christianity has reconciled itself with reason, Islam continues to be a Medieval system that hasn’t. To quote Ms. Amiel:

Christianity was displaced as a political force by the secular state. Exit the sword-wavers attempting to create Christian theocracies or massive conversions.

Today the Pope runs the Catholics and the Lutherans and Anglicans have their head honchos as well.

This is not the case with Islam where self-appointed - so called - clerics can set up shop at the local mosque and start to disseminate wisdom, both spiritual and secular, in any manner they choose.

Islam’s jihadists celebrate when their actions send shivers up the spines of the Western moral elite. As an example Berlin's opera performance of Idomeneo was cancelled last week because it was considered too great a security risk for depicting a scene showing the decapitated head of the Prophet Muhammad, along with the heads of Christ, Buddha and Poseidon.

(By the way, NO Christians, Buddhists or Greeks were making similar threats!)

The Pope dropped the first shoe in a message to Islam that there finally appears to be someone in Christendom who isn’t resigned to Christians being harassed, imprisoned, tortured and even executed in Islamic countries simply for their beliefs.

This Pope has his eye on the beleaguered part of his flock that is living under Islamofascism. No one else seems to care a whit about them!

The United Nations certainly doesn’t give a fig about Christians. (Now I would have said they don’t give a flying fuck, but these are gentle Barbara’s words and not mine!) It is too heavily influenced by third world countries and the Muslim vote.

Its special relationship with human rights groups in occupied Palestinian territories makes it a whiz at stoking up anti-Israel resolutions and their record on freedom of religion is even more dismal.

The list of anti-Christian societies is lengthy. Christians have had their homes attacked or are jailed in Muslim countries across the globe from Indonesia to northern Nigeria, but no General Assembly debates on the matter!

While it’s common knowledge that it’s dangerous to publicly practice Christianity or convert from Islam virtually anywhere in the Middle East except Israel, concerned Muslim intellectuals worry about Islam’s refusal to reconsider the Quran in light of modernity.

However, they are the moderates, and by definition at the movement’s centre, not the steering edge. Instead, direction comes from the far-out rudder.

The extremists steer the Muslim ship and will continue to do so until it rights itself, sinks, or is righted by outside forces!

The Pope has already met with Muslim representatives to attempt a dialogue. The sad part is that such language lessons usually go one way.

Islam is unlikely to learn to talk like the Pope, but the Pope may yet learn to talk like an Ayatollah.

When he does, the other shoe will no doubt fall!

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 (what the church doesn't want you to know!) at; www.God-101.com
And the petition to have people mind their own business instead of yours at; http://www.petitiononline.com/moses/petition.html

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

A tale of two brothers.

This is the tale of two brothers. Let's draw a rough parallel and say one is a "hippie" and the other is a "punker."

Although they come from the same Father and had the same set of values instilled in them, in the long run they turned out to be two very different people.

The one, (the hippie) walks around with flowers and prayer beads and since he is a Beatles fan preaches, "All you need is love,” in the tradition of John and Paul.

He sees the world as a garden (although it was once a paradise) and himself as its caretaker. His main job is to get people to come into his garden and share in the bounty of pot, chanting and free love!

The other, (the punker) has a much harsher view. He thinks the world is a dangerous place, much like a desert, and the only way to get ahead is to make his own way by his own means.

The world to him is unforgiving and his way of coping is to live by a certain set of rules and then to get as many others as possible to follow those rules as well.

That way they can all live in relative peace and harmony in the neighbourhood.

In this tale there are also cousins around who are skinheads, rappers, jazz buffs, classical musicians, into reggae and country plus all sorts of buskers, freelancers and people from Utah, but that's another story for another time.

Now the hippie has been around a long time and been through a lot of trials and tribulations. He has had his ups and downs and for a while he was even the town bully. Also, due to his drug dealings he was quite well off. But, age and a few appearances before the (secular) courts have mellowed him somewhat over the years.

Becoming a responsible adult with age and experience the hippie has started to become the sort of man his Father wanted him to be. True, he still occasionally listens to the Beatles and rock music. He still espouses his philosophy to his neighbours, and once in a while he even plays his sitar.

Overall though, he has learned many of life's cruel lessons and is becoming an adult who is responsible for his own actions. He got a job, will probably marry and have children one day and for him the world is slowly unfolding as it should.

His younger brother, meanwhile, came from a different Mother and grew up in a totally different neighbourhood. His was a life of conflict and strife and the one rule he learned early is that you have to survive by your wits and strength.

His was not a world of love and peace but rather a test to see who was strongest.

Gone was the concept of "Love thy neighbour" and in its place the family became all-important. To survive he had to rely on his brothers and half brothers and together with them face what life had to offer. In times of crisis, his cousins and uncles were called upon, and as a last resort he would even have to convince his neighbours that a united front was needed.

Instead of “love one and other,” it was a case of “us against them” and he looked inward instead of outward. No “sit-ins and protests” for our punker friend here. No, rather he became a “head banger” and instead of pot he turned to harder drugs, which he had to take 5 times a day.

Under the onslaught of heavy metal and the sayings of people like Curt Cobain, (who by the way, died tragically) the younger brother had a much rougher childhood and adolescence than his older hippie brother.

Unemployment was rampant in the family and many times he had to live on government handouts and the kindness of strangers. Crime was all around him and the struggle to survive gave his life a rough edge.

Early on, the younger brother discovered a drug called “ecstasy” that took away much of the pain of living and replaced it with boundless energy and a feeling of ………well, ecstasy!

Now the days were less cruel and at times even pleasant. The drudgery of life was lifted whenever his pusher filled him with the magic elixir and he began to feel so good that at times he swore he would go so far as to kill or give up his life for it.

His ecstasy was carried as a shield before him and he began to live his life around it, much as his older brother had done before him with his "pot" and “counter-culture.”

So, that’s the way the story sits to this day. Oh, I’m sure that the younger brother will one day follow in the footsteps of his older brother and start to grow up and become the man their Father wanted them to be. But you see the teen years are not easy and I fear junior still has a few bumps ahead of him. Only time will tell.

Allan W Janssen is the author of The Plain Truth About God-101 (what the church doesn't want you to know!) at; www.God-101.com
And the petition to have people mind their own business instead of yours at; http://www.petitiononline.com/moses/petition.html

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